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Can Black Panther Get An Oscar Nomination?

If you took a good look at the Playlist‘s Oscar prediction for the top 5 categories, you’ve certainly noticed the Best picture category for the 2019 ceremony. In the Likely Front-runners bracket there are plenty of ...
July 6, 2018
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One Oscar for Logan please!

Well you’ve probably heard the news. You may have seen the Academy Awards nominations. If so… You probably noticed the Best adapted screenplay category and one particularly brilliant movie there. Logan. Yes. Scott Frank, James ...
February 19, 2018
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Go Roger Go!

Well, one thing is for sure. I know who I’m rooting for on March 4th. Yeah, I want Gary Oldman and Frances McDormand to pick up their Oscars in the leading acting categories, but I’ll ...
February 1, 2018
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The „one hit wonders“ at the Oscars

You know this probably. You’ve probably heard the news. Guillermo dell Toro’s The shape of water won 13 Academy Award nominations for this year’s Oscar ceremony, Dunkirk is right behind with 8, while Three Billboards Outside ...
January 24, 2018
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4 underrated 2017 movies that deserve Oscar love

All right now. The Academy Awards nominations are announced today! It’s the moment that every Oscar weirdo (like me) is waiting for, and I could not be happier cause I’m finally going to see Gary ...
January 23, 2018
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Gary Oldman deserves an Oscar! ASAP!

Gary Oldman…. What is more to say really? That he’s probably one of the most talented actors of his generation (to be honest Daniel Day Lewis also comes to mind in that bag also). That ...
January 14, 2018
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Is Christopher Plummer’s nomination a big F**K you to the ...

Let me get this straight. I truly hate using profanity in my writing. Especially in the titles of my blog posts, but for now I’m going to make an exception and confirm my title/question. Is ...
December 12, 2017
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2018 Oscar nomination contenders (best actress in a leading role)

I think it’s time to have that talk. The Oscar talk. And I know it’s a bit early to predict which 5 actresses will make into the Best actress in a leading role Oscar nomination ...
November 7, 2017
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Awesome movies that you’ll be hearing about… pretty soon

The Award season in Hollywood is always tricky. There is always some actor/director/movie that is left out or quite the contrary. Getting too much hype without having the goods to back it up. Last year ...
October 31, 2017