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I’m sorry Chloe Sevigny… #WeToo are assholes


You’ve probably heard the news. Chloe Sevigny is currently guest at the Cannes Film Festival, and right there she revealed that had sexual harassment problems from both male and females. But according to the actress, the women did more damage to her than the men.

In a recent interview for the Guardian, she explained that although she had inappropriate comments and proposals from the male population Hollywood, one female casting director did more damage to her on the long run.

I’ve had experiences that are kind of common, verbal experiences, or innuendos. But I didn’t feel they offended me to such a degree that I wanted to name the names. I think they’re commonly known as assholes anyway. Do you know what I mean? “For someone to say ‘What are you doing after?’ during a casting session is not so unheard of. Yeah, it shouldn’t be done and lots of girls might feel vulnerable and not know what to do in that situation. For me it was like: really?” “I can’t even remember now who said it to me, but a female casting director said, in a room full of people: ‘You have to make the men want to fuck you and the women want to be you,’ said Chloe in her interview with the British publication.

It pains me to hear that honestly. But it just goes to show that we too are assholes, and our worst enemies. We, the women that should be helping each other. But I can’t say that I blame her. I understand that completely, because I also faced something similar in my previous work-place. Although my mobbing experience wasn’t’ sexual in nature, it was so emotional that even today I get a panic attack every time there is a meeting announced in my new job position. The colleague (that wasn’t even my superior) would gang up with my boss and my go out of her way to make my life a living hell. I started having health problems and my hair stared falling out to the point my friends and family started noticing.

But I whole this „make the men want to fuck you and the women want to be you“ is too much even for the old Hollywood. I remember reading Heather Matarazzo’s post about losing a great role because and I quote „You’re not fuckable“. Look, I get that Hollywood and the whole industry is based more on physical beauty, likability shier dumb luck and less on actual talent, but how does being fuckable has to do with anything?

Oh wait…. It does have to do with everything. It has to do with the prospect of selling more tickets if the film has more fuckable actress in it, and even having to be extorted for sex even before you get the chance to star in the movie. I’m sad to say it and even sadder to write it.

All I can say is I’m sorry Chloe. Sexual harassment is predominately male smudge in history, but as it show women are also part of that smudge. I guess… #WeToo are assholes.


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