Blast from the past

Revisiting The Proposal…. Before Deadpool 2


You’ve probably seen the video. Deadpool and The Proposal mix up that was made and published by Funny or Die on their Youtube channel. Well, in honor of the upcoming Deadpool’s sequel, let’s look back. No, not at Deadpool although I’ll admit that is one hell of a movie. No, let’s look at The Proposal. The 2009 romantic comedy was directed by Anne Fletcher and had Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock in the leads, and since I watched it again recently I want to reflect on how good it was. Yes, my fiancée and I watched it this week, and it was part of our Sandra Bullock marathon. We started with Love potion number 9 and we ended up with the Proposal.

Oh we loved it. I’ve not seen the movie since it opened in 2009, and my fiancée saw it for the first time, but damn it was good. I was surprised with the amount of chemistry between Sandra and Ryan and honestly that was the main selling point in this movie.

Well, that and the presence of Betty White. I mean how cool was she in this movie? Witty, funny and opinionated but kind and loving? Ah I wish she was my real life grandma. Ryan was Andrew Paxton. An overworked and very frustrated assistant to Margaret Tate (Bullock), a chief editor at a major New York City book publisher. She’s a type-A workaholic and not a very pleasant person to work with. Or to be around with for that matter. But since she’s Canadian and she violated the terms of her work visa, Margaret is in danger of being deported. So she gets the brilliant idea to marry Andrew for sole purpose of staying in the country, and before they know it they’re on a plane to Sitka Alaska in order to meet his family at to get married.

Oh the fun is in Sitka, let me tell you that. Between Grandma Annie’s 90th birthday, the bachelorette party and Andre’s ex circling the Paxton compound, Margaret is in very unfamiliar territory. I had some problems with the script and the many repetitious and un-necessary sub-plots and even more un-necessary scenes, but overall it was amazing movie. Funny and touching, hilarious and emotional.

Although the critics were not so kind on the movie back in 2009, the Proposal did managed to earn more than 300 million dollars in a year when each of the two leads had multiple releases. Sandra had All Abut Steve and The Blind Side premieres and she did earned a Best leading actress Oscar for the second film. Ryan on the other hand had 3 other releases besides the Proposal. Adventureland, X-Men Origins Wolverine and Paper Man.


The Proposal also touched the subjects of following your dreams and defying family expectations, and let’s not forget the ability to fall in love with someone if you really get the time and chance to get to know him better. Funny or die did a great job on The Deadpool and Proposal mashup and I highly recommend that you see it. Oh if you have the chance….

Watch the Proposal once again. You’ll not be sorry.


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