Blast from the past

Chloe Sevigny will forever be my „it girl“


Chloë Sevigny was everything I wanted to be in the late 90’s. Tall, blonde, talented, beautiful and oh so cool. Probably the last word described her the most, and the word I wanted to describe me most. And it’s the word that you’ll read most in this post.

And yes she was effortlessly cool. You see…. she wasn’t (and still isn’t) a Hollywood starlet, an A-list actress or even a bankable big studio star. But that’s what I (and sooo many other girls in the 90’s) loved about Chloe. 20 plus years since entering the business she is still playing the Hollywood game on her own terms with integrity and poise. But let me tell you about the rest of the things i love about her. In a „non-crazy fan“ type a post.  I promise.

Her choice of projects (weather on film or on TV) was (and still is) daring, eclectic, sometimes risky and she shines in every single role that she takes. Kids sure opened the door for her, but it was her continuing collaboration with then boyfriend Harmony Korine that marked the better half of a decade both on romantic and professional field. However it was the performance in Boys don’t cry that still haunts me. To this day. Why? Cause it was sooo good. Not only Chloe received an Academy Award nomination for best supporting role, she became the most sought after actress in Hollywood, and the role in that tiny movie was the reason i fell in love with her all over again. I tend to tho that with every upcoming movie to be honest.

Bold, talented and beautiful, she was later on part of Lars von Trier, Woody Allen, Jim Jarmusch, Werner Herzog, and David Fincher’s movies, and yes she was awesome in every single one of them.

And although many thought that the role in The Brown Bunny hurt her career, it really didn’t. During a recent sit down with IndieWire she admitted that Vincent Gallo’s movie hurt some relationships (that with her mother) but it did nothing on her career. Oh, and I also love how accepting, dignified and professional she is about that movie, 14 years later. Some other actress would be bitching, moaning and bashing of Gallo’s style and creative input but not her. She has grace, sophistication and good manners. Like a lady damn it. Since then not only she became a fixture on TV with American Horror Story: Hotel, Bloodline and Big Love, she earned a Golden Globe for her performance in the HBO drama Big Love.

And last but not least, let me talk about what most fascinates me about Chloe outside of the film industry. Her fashion style. Probably the best part of her cool and awesome image if you ask me. Forget about the red carpet events, and editorials in fashion magazines. Take a good look at her street style. I remember watching an old interview question addressed exactly on her style and she confirmed something I basically already knew. Not only does she doesn’t need hired help in that department, she had her great style since forever and just transformed into other creative ventures.

Like collaborations with Opening Ceremony for instance. That came after years of „cheap fashion studies“ or as she describes the many fashion magazines read through (s) with her girlfriends. But those were the training wheels… she learned to ride the bike all by herself after that. Cause style is something that you already have. It can change for the better but either you have it or you don’t in the first place.

Since last year she directed 2 short movies, and I can hardly wait for her upcoming projects. Andrew Haigh’s drama Lean on Pete, the thriller based on true events Lizzie, and the upcoming TV series Comrade Detective.

Yes Chloe was and still is my ultimate It girl. My cool fashion guru and one of my favorite actresses ever. This straight 30 year old chick from South Eastern Balkan has had a huge crush on her for over 2 decades and i’m not ashamed. Love love love Chloe. She will forever be my It girl.



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