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Helena Bonham Carter Is The Real MVP Of Ocean’s 8


Well, it happened. I finally went out and saw Ocean’s 8. I’m a sucker for almost all of the ladies in this movie, but especially for Sandra, Cate and of course the real queen, the MVP and the biggest jewel of them all. Helena Bonham Carter.

In the past few weeks I read and read articles about Anne Hathaway and how she stole the show by plying herself. Playing the diva she is in real life. Ive read stories about the rift between the reviewers and the cast, I’ve read stories about Rihanna thick thighs and awesome dreadlocks… Frankly all those things just took all of the focus for this film and shifted it in a very different direction. The focus being Helena Bonham Carter, and the new direction being…. the animosity towards this surprisingly fine and enjoyable movie.

Look, I’m not saying that it’s the best movie of the year, but for what it is… It’s just great.

But, I’m here to talk (OK write) about one particular lady. Miss Helena Bonham Carter. Oh yes… The English rose has a reputation for playing stuck up high society corset ladies but this movie is something different. It’s a big and much welcomed shift from her usual genre choices, her prim and proper film characters, and I’m all for it. I loved it.

She plays Rose Weil, a ditzy, disgraced fashion designer who is deeply in debt to the IRS and reluctantly agrees to participate in the heist. Her fashion label is in dire straits of being bankrupt and her latest fashion line got terrible reviews. When Cate and Sandra’s character recruit her, she’s at the bottom of the barrel and that’s where the fun is actually.

I’m happy that despite putting her in somewhat very different character (well, different from the ones we’re used to seeing her in) the team behind Ocean’s 8 let her keep so much from her it’s insane. She’s god those crazy funky glasses, that bohemian and seemingly unkempt curly hair and let’s not forget her fashion style. Frankly for the most part Carter was dressed (in Ocean’s 8) like she would dress herself to go to the red carpet or to the grocery store. You just never know with her.

Her accent is changed but her talent for comedy and quirky characters is there and it’s glorious. You can’t help but appreciate it. Frankly out of all of the ladies’ characters in this movie, Rose Weil is for me the most memorable. She spoke French, she ate Nutella out of the big jar and she rocked that flower ball gown to the Met Gala. When i walked out of the movie theater she was the one that i remembered the most. She was the one that stuck with me the most, and i she was the one i was craving for as the movie was going. Seriously, Carter deserved more screen-time in Ocean’s 8.

My review for the Ocean’s 8 will be published shortly, but up until then I wanted to get this out of my system. Show wonderfully silly and brilliant Helena Bonham Carter was in Ocean’s 8.


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