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Greece, Food Poisoning And It Chapter 2


Well, folks. I’m back. Officially married and in the mood of writing again.

This past week, as well as my wedding passed so quickly that pretty much everything about it is a blur. I didn’t believe other brides when they said that I will went by so quickly, but it’s true. I don’t really remember much of that day, except that I was stressed and pissed of beyond belief before the wedding and happy/dancing bride afterwards.

Our honey moon was another thing. It went smoothly for the most part, except for that teeny tiny food poisoning that I got on the third day. Yup. Food poisoning precipitated by bad sea food, hot weather and cheap Greek white wine did render me incapable of anything for the next day, but all in all it was fun. I mean… It’s the stuff that we’ll always remember right?

And because of the stress that I mentioned earlier in this post, Martin and I finally managed to see IT Chapter 2 this past weekend. A full week after the wedding. I know that I said that Pennywise will be the perfect wedding guest and all, but I seriously underestimated how stressed out I will be on MY Wedding day. My parents and especially my sister were the true heroes and saved the day (shout out to my friend Daisy as well), but 100% of that stress was due to my crazy in laws. I won’t go into details, but let’s just say I’m still a wreck, more than a week after the wedding.

But the thing is…. All of that… The stress, the tears, the screaming and fighting just made my marriage stronger, even before it began. And the food poisoning was a good – In sickness and in health test for me and Martin. Which he passed with flying colors. He was amazing. He nursed me back to health with love and devotion, and I’ll be eternally grateful for that.

You can expect the review for IT Chapter 2 this upcoming weekend and I’ll be focused on writing some more posts in the upcoming days. Stay tuned.


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