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Yup! PTA is funny AF and needs to do more talk show interviews


You know this man I presume. Probably the most talented writer/director of his generation and one of my favorite filmmakers ever! I’m talking about Paul Thomas Anderson of course.

He’s currently promoting his latest motion picture Phantom Thread and over the weekend he was guest at Jimmy Kimmel Live. Now while most of his movies are serious, heavy period piece dramas, you’d expect for him to be like that too?

Well you’d be wrong. He’s not dark and gloomy and serious, but warm, funny intelligent and open artist that I just happen to adore. I can see clearly now why he and Maya Rudolph are actual soul mates, but if you watched the Jimmy Kimmel interview you’ll find out that he talked about soo many interesting topics.

His latest movie of course, and the origins of the Daniel Day Lewis’s character’s name in the movie for instances… He talked about how it is working with Daniel, his TV preferences, Daniel’s incredible impression of Tim Gunn and the director’s attempt to get the actor out of retirement soon.

Paul also talked about Warren Beatty and Boogie Nights, but he even remembered the time when he was just a kid, and attempted to shoot amateur movies with his siblings, which led him become a director I presume.

I’ve seen Paul in lengthy podcasts, incredible long and fascinating interviews with fellow directors, Q&A’s, but I’ve never seen him on a talk show chair, and being such a wonderful sunny man.

Take a look at Paul’s incredibly funny and interesting interview with Kimmel and tell me if you agree with me that he should do more guest appearances like this.


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