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Gary Oldman deserves an Oscar! ASAP!


Gary Oldman…. What is more to say really? That he’s probably one of the most talented actors of his generation (to be honest Daniel Day Lewis also comes to mind in that bag also). That he’s been most versatile, dedicated auteur of his craft, that he’s probably one of the finest exports out of UK and that there is not one role, character, accent, and challenge that he cannot overcome and make it awards worthy?

As the Academy awards are about to be announced this month, he’s bound to receive his second nomination in his career just a week after he grabbed a Golden Globe award.

The Golden Globe that Gary Oldman won last week was for his fierce and stunning portrayal of ex-prime minister of Great Britain, Winston Churchill in the period piece biopic The Darkest Hour.

The Golden Globe what Gary Oldman won was (sadly) first in his lustrous and brilliant career that spans more than 4 decades, and I’m almost certain that he will not just land his second Academy Award nomination, he will actually win the coveted Oscar.

Sure there will be major competition in the lead actor category, most of it coming from fellow Brit Daniel Day Lewis but also from the likes of Hollywood legend, Tom Hanks. Sure they are all great and all but I’m fairly certain that Gary will be leaving the Dolby Theater.

Why? Well for several reasons actually. His portrayal of Winston Churchill is one of the finest examples of acting you’ll see in quite a while. Yup he’s that good, even underneath the makeup and the prosthetics and the pretty much all of the aid you think he’s having in that role.

Thirdly… If you keeping count… The Academy is well aware of the fact that Daniel and Tom despite being good in their respective roles, they are not as good as Mr. Oldman and of course every voting member of that Academy knows that he’s long overdue of that Awards.

He’s been steadily building his reputation, honing his craft and upgrading his top notch performances for years and years now. If fact he’s one of the most talented and legendary actors ever that still is without an Oscar despite the fact he’s deserving one! And while you might say that The Academy will skip Daniel and Tom this year to give a sympathetic Oscar to the most underrated actor in Hollywood you could not be more wrong. Yes the Tom’s and the Daniel’s i previously mentioned have a 5 such awards combined and they are certainly great actors but this will be Gary’s year. I can feel it. Gary Oldman truly deserves an Oscar… ASAP!


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