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Unpopular Opinion: The Witcher Needed Mads Mikkelsen More


Let me be frank. I’m a huge fan of Henry Cavil, and I do think that his potential was wasted in the DC Cinematic Universe. There! I’ve said it. I know. It’s a bitter pill to swallow for some haters, but he really is more than just pretty face. I really see some unexplored and untapped potential in him, and all he needs (in my own opinion) is the right role for him to shine and to get the respect that he deserves. A Robert Pattison career progression if you will.

Which according to the popular opinion is the role of Geralt of Rivia in the Netflix series – The Witcher. My Witcher binge-fest is scheduled for this weekend and I’m really looking forward in watching this show. As a full disclaimer, let me just point out that I’m not a gamer and haven’t played a minute of the popular video game (The Witcher) nor have I read any of the popular Polish books. I’m yet to do the latter, but I can’t make any promises in the gaming department. Sorry. I just can’t bring myself to actually play those video games. So, my opinion of the series will be most definitely half baked and not complete (when it comes to the comparison of the plot, characters and so on) but bear with me. I’ll do my best.

Here it goes. Mads Mikkelsen would have been a much more suitable choice for the role. Much more than Henry anyway. I was informed that he looks a lot more like the Geralt character and they’re roughly the same age and well… Aaaand I have met him in person. Mads of course. Yes, with the slight embarrassment of the shameless namedropping (as an ex-journalist) I got to meet Mads in person and to witness his talents on the spot.

Back in 2012 I was invited to be part of the shoot of a movie he did in my country and not only that I got to interview him, I also scored an on-set invite where I got to see him act. Neat right? I know. It was awesome.

Since then, I’ve seen pretty much everything that Mads has released on the silver screen (and on the small screen as well), and some of my favorites include Hannibal (he was just brilliant), The Hunt, Doctor Strange, Arctic, but my all-time favorite work of his to this day remains After the Wedding.

If you open any type of social media, you’ll find countless works of fan art that puts him in the Geralt role, and prior to Henry’s casting Mads was usually on top of the lists of the favorites to play Geralt in the long anticipated TV show. So, I wasn’t alone in the opinion that The Witcher would have been a better show just because of Mads. However, I’m going to give Henry the benefit of the doubt that he will pull of a decent Geralt, and I think I’ll enjoy the Netlfix show. I’ll have more input regarding The Witcher after watching the TV show, so stay tuned. Hope it doesn’t disappoint.

Fingers crossed. So… bring it on Henry 😉



  1. Jeremiah 9 January, 2020 at 03:48 Reply

    I cant agree more. I love Mads, and the Witcher. I havent watched yet, and look forward to it, but he would have been so much better as Geralt.

  2. xaine 27 March, 2020 at 09:02 Reply

    Just came across this after having this conversation with my daughter about the series. Before watching, I was of exactly the same opinion – haven’t read the books, but a HUGE fan of all three games.
    So…after watching, I think (begrudgingly) that they made the right choice with Henry Cavill. He nailed the mannerisms and speech perfectly. The only reason I think it was a better choice was purely because of the timeframe that the Witcher was set (ie, the timeline of the Witcher universe). Geralt is a young Geralt in this series, not a crusty Geralt that Mads would have perfectly portrayed (around the timeline of Witcher 3 – MANY years after the events in the TV series).
    Although, if they’re looking for a perfect Vesimir – I’m torn between Mads and Mark Hamill..but I’m guessing that’s another blog. 🙂

    • filmsane 27 March, 2020 at 10:59 Reply

      I think you’re right. Watched the show once more time last month, and completely agree. And i might write another post about my second viewing. Thank you for your comment 😉 Glad you liked the show. You rock!

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