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Admit It… Henry Cavill Was Decent Superman (The Movies Sucked)


You’ve probably heard the news. The British actor Henry Cavill may be leaving his role as Superman in Warner Bros.’ DC Comics Universe over contract disputes. The news of Cavill’s departure from the iconic role hasn’t been confirmed neither by him nor by DC Comics, but an official statement on both sides is pending and apparently expected in the next few days.

THR reports that Cavill is out and talks broke down over a cameo in the upcoming DCEU film “Shazam!”, but I have a feeling it was so much more than meets the eye. DC is apparently focusing on the announced Super-girl movie, which will have an origin story but with a female character, so Henry was unfortunately made obsolete. And according to some sources, his cameo appearance in Shazam! Fell through because he recently signed in to play the lead role in the Netflix TV series The Witcher, but hey… he’s a busy man. I guess he couldn’t even squeeze a 5 minute cameo. That’s OK though.

Henry Cavill played the role of Clark Kent/Supermen in three movies since 2013 (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and last year’s Justice League). And although moderately successful at the box office, the former received mixed reviews, while the latter was penned by the critics as one of the worst movies ever made.

And yes. Henry was sometimes criticized for being stiff and lacking charisma in the role of Superman, but I disagree. He’s very good looking man, and after seeing him in The Man from U.N.C.L.E., I’m confident that he’s got the charisma that everyone says that he’s lacking. He just needs to be guided by the right director. But I think that the only sore loser in this messy situation is DC. After (allegedly) losing Ben Affleck in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman, and now Henry in the role of Superman, the studio will have to think twice about casting different actors in those iconic roles. Unlike Ben Affleck, Henry was a pretty much unknown to the general public when he was cast in the role of Superman back in 2012/2013. Yes, he was (and still) gorgeous but a handful of people really knew him.

Now, 5 years or so, after Man Of Steel, he’s synonymous to the role, and a vital part of the team.

But don’t feel sorry for him either. He’s about to start in the highly anticipated The Witcher series for Netflix, and just this summer was in Mission Impossible Fallout, one of the best movies of the year. But when I look back at his term in the role of Superman, I see a man that did a decent job. Seriously. It was the fault of DC that brought on Zach Snyder to direct those 3 movies. And frankly it was him that didn’t do a good job. Don’t blame Henry for it. Henry was a decent Superman.

It was DC that made those shitty movies.


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