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Rosamund Pike deserves Another Oscar Nomination


Have I told you how much I love Rosamund Pike? No? Well, by all means let me briefly tell you and elaborate on why should get another Oscar nomination.

You’ve probably heard about Rosamund Pike by now. She was a Bond Girl, she was in Johnny English Reborn and she was amazing in David Fincher’s Gone Girl. The 2014’s thriller brought Rosamund’s first Academy Award nomination and oh how I wish her latest movie called A Private War brings her second.

I’ll get to A Private War in just a second, but first I’d like to take notice of something interesting. While I was analyzing Rosamund’s career choices on IMDB I noticed a string of biopics in short period of time.

5 to be precise from 2016 until 2019. Yeah that’s right. Rosamund played Ruth Williams Khama in A United Kingdom, then she played Lina Heydrich in The Man with the Iron Heart. This year she played Brigitte Kuhlmann in the political/crime thriller Entebbe and she will end the year playing the famous war correspondent/journalist Marie Colvin in A Private war. Oh and let’s not forget, the biopic about Marie Curie called radioactive is in pre-production right now and of course Pike is playing the famed chemist.

But let’s focus on one particular movie. A film that just had its trailer announced and published on Youtube, and a film that I hope will bring Rosamund Pike her second Academy Award.
A Private War. Marie Colvin was an American journalist who worked for the British newspaper The Sunday Times from 1985 until her death. She died in 2012 while covering the siege of Homs in Syria. Colvin died together with award-winning French photographer, Rémi Ochlik. An autopsy conducted in Damascus by the Syrian government concluded Marie Colvin was killed by an “improvised explosive device filled with nails.

Jamie Dornan plays Paul Conroy, a British freelance photographer and filmmaker who now works in the British media, and who was shortlisted for the PRX Bayeux TV report along with Marie Colvin, a war correspondent with The Sunday Times.

Stanley Tucci, Tom Hollander, Corey Johnson are also in the supporting cast with Rosamund, and the movie is directed by Matthew Heineman. This his first feature film (previously working on war documentaries), and the film is based on the 2012 article “Marie Colvin’s Private War” in Vanity Fair Magazine by Marie Brenner.

One of the producers of A Private War is Academy Award Winner Charlize Theron, and the premiere is set for November 16th 2018, right in the middle of Award season. Frankly I hope this movie successes because as a journalist myself, Colvin was someone to look up to and to admire and I hope this movie also works out too for Rosamund. I hope it brings her second Academy Award nomination.


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