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Bond 25: A Visual Spectacle With These 3 Directors In The Mix


Bond 25’s production is turning into a saga, but the media seems to like it. The choosing of the director, the cast and everything else has proved to be a difficult task so far, at the production of Bond 25 hasn’t even began.

But you’ve probably heard the news. After Danny Boyle’s departure from directing Bond 25 (reportedly after dispute with Daniel Craig) the producers are assembling a short list of replacement directors for this movie.

And according to Deadline’s latest report Edgar Wright, David Mackenzie, & Jean-Marc Vallee are the strong front-runners for the job and… I love every single one of them.

But let’s break it down. Let’s take a good lock at the three very talented directors and see what they’re brining to the table. Oh and what the producers of Bond 25 want to achieve with casting any of them?.

An Englishman, A Scottish man and a French-Canadian man.

Well, just by looking at these three men I think they want a visual spectacle out of this movie. Just think. They all have a very distinct visual style of filming and you can more-or less recognize their movies even if you started seeing them from the middle.

That’s especially true of Edgar Right. His fast paced cuts, even fasted editing and energetic movies are a thing of beauty. He did an amazing job (once again) with Baby Driver last year, and I’d very much like to find out what and Edgar Wright Bond movie would look on the big screen. But his style of directing will be the first for this franchise. Does that mean he’ll have to tone down his style or the producers are taking a new radical approach. Time will tell.

David Mackenzie is the opposite of Edgar Right. He’s probably the most perfect of out the three men for this job, just because his work with the camera is fluid and grandiose at the same time. Just this week I saw the trailer for his upcoming movie (Outlaw King) and despite being a Netflix film it looked like an epic. Like the movies you could have seen in the 90’s and the type of movie that looks like an awards underdog on the outside. Mackenzie’s films are slow-paced at times but it doesn’t hurt in the natural flow of the movie.

Which brings me to the one and only Jean Marc Valle. Have I told you how much I love his latest TV series Sharp Objects? I just adore it. Seriously. I love the acting, the mystery but above all I love the visually muted colors that he brings with each new episode. I also appreciate his attention to detail, that I think will be detrimental to Bond 25 movie. Valle would be the perfect choice for a Bond Movie if they would focus solely on the objects of the movie (and not so much of the story) but I’ll by that too.

In conclusion Bond 25 producers with picking any of these 3 men want a visually stunning movie. A movie that borders on art house movie, a movie that is very different from the action packed pieces that we’ve been accustomed to. With the right screen-writer it could be a win, but solely on Edgar, David or Jean Marc it would be an empty piece of a movie. Visually beautiful, but empty.


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