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Please Pray For Me As I’m Going To See Hellboy Today


LOL. Please don’t. Seriously. I’m good without any incantations coming my way. Well, that day has come. Sometimes being a grown-up is really tough. You have to attend social events that you don’t particularly care for, sometimes you have to exchange pleasantries with people you dislike. And sometimes you have to watch movies you just don’t won’t to.

But sometimes, we all have to make certain sacrifices. Like…. Watching Hellboy. If it was for me to decide I would have gladly waited a few days and watched Avengers Engame instead, but hey, It’s not always up to me.

So, I’m watching Helboy tonight with Martin a couple of our friends, and all I can say is… Wish me luck. I was dreading the prospect of watching this movie for several reasons. First, the terrible Rotten Tomatoes score of just 14% and the horrible reviews Hellboy got upon release. Secondly…. You know the times when some die-hard fanboy says that it will ruin his childhood memories of the original film?

Well, I have a feeling that it will be exactly that. I’ll be that grumpy fanboy. And probably i’ll be bickering, nitpicking and comparing the De Toro’s two masterpieces with the reboot. But hey, time will tell.

But i fear that the rebooted Hellboy will ruin the good name of Hellboy that Guillermo del Toro worked so hard to achieve. I’m a huge fan of David Harbour, and I adore Ian McShane but I have a feeling that those two are going to be the only beacon of hope in those two hours.

However, sometimes I have to suck it up and do what’s best for Filmsane. At least this will give me material to write in the next couple of days, and of course, I’ll get a film review out of it.

So… Silver lining right? Well, wish me luck (or pray for me, if that works best for you). I’ll let you know what I thought of Hellboy tomorrow probably.


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