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Mission Impossible Fallout Film Review

Overall Score9
9Overall Score
Mission Impossible Fallout will keep you entertained, sweaty and on the edge of your seat for 2 and a half hours with one of the most brilliantly executed and masterfully done movies of the year.

Tom Cruise has made the character of Ethan Hunt his bitch in these past 22 years. He’s perfected it with each installment and coupled with great supporting cast, amazing director and brilliant stunt scenes (which he does himself) has turned Ethan Hunt into the equivalent of an American James Bond.

However, now in the 6th movie of the action franchise Tom Cruise’s Ethan Hunt is chasing after old and new enemies. Hunt along with his trusted colleagues Luther Stickell (Wing Rhames) and Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg) need to stop the ex terrorist organization (previously known as the Syndicate and now The Apostles) to acquire 3 plutonium cores. The cores are for the latest fundamentalist John Lark, but Solomon Lane (Sean Harris) is still having an unfinished business with Ethan and the world.

If I told you that Fallout is easily the most exciting, action packed, nerve-wrecking and overall outstanding installment, would you believe me? It’s also the best action movie of the summer…. But let me start from the top.

I’ll start with the man himself. Tom Cruise. I just love how after 22 years of playing the same character, Cruise has the same enthusiasm, energy and vigor like he did back in 1996. Cruise at 56 years of age puts every action star in Hollywood to shame and he’s really that committed in Fallout. He upped the ante and it showed in almost every scene. Not just in the action scenes, that’s become so synonymous of him and his method, but in the quiet more subdued scenes.

Yes… There are some of those, trust me. What I loved here about his character, is the definition the clarity about the man that is almost an enigma to the audience. For instance he’s not afraid to be vulnerable in the fights and around his friends. He’s also not the „big picture“ kind of a man. It’s been repeated in several scenes that his biggest flaw/virtue (depends on how you see it) is that he’s not the person to sacrifice the life one person so save hundreds/millions others.

He considers his team as his immediate family and he treats them as such. Even if he’s about to ruin the mission with that kind of thinking. And speaking the action I previously mentioned… Damn… it’s amazing. Seriously. I can’t decide if the chase scene in Paris is the best one yet in the film franchise. I can’t decide which set piece in this movie is the best. Is it the club bathroom piece or the 30 minutes battle of the helicopters in Kashmir. Seriously. The conundrum is real.

The last 60 minutes or so of Fallout are the most action packed and amazing piece of action you’ll see in long time. And despite having slightly confusing, slightly convoluted and flawed script with intertwined plots and twists that require a second viewing, the action is straightforward and brutally raw. I can’t praise Christopher McQuarrie enough for his slick direction and brilliant use of CGI. I mean it’s there obviously, but you don’t even notice it, which is the best use of CGI.

Simon Peg and Wing Rhames are stellar as always, and so is Rebecca Ferguson – the addition from Rogue Nation that shines once again with her bad-assery. I liked the recycling of Sean Harris in the villain section of the movie, and I was surprised of how good Henry Cavil was good in that department. Spoiler! Superman is a baddie here. Yes, muscle clad and mustache armed Henry is quite solid in the role of the Special Activities operative August Walker. Stiff at first, Henry manages to fit in and mesh with the rest of the cast. I also liked how the real threat of nuclear attack was incorporated in this very fictitious movie story, but one person stuck out like a sore thumb. I just couldn’t bring myself to even recognize Vanessa Kirby as the White Widow. Kirby is probably the only weak link in this movie, and just hate how she was miscast in this otherwise promising role.

But all in all. Mission Impossible Fallout will keep you entertained, sweaty and on the edge of your seat for 2 and a half hours with one of the most brilliantly executed and masterfully done movies of the year.


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