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Life, TV And Gal Gadot In Times Of Coronavirus


Sorry for being MIA guys. With the work and constant weather fluctuation I’ve been experiencing here in southern Europe, I’ve been well… a little under the weather. Top that with uncertainty about the health (mine and everyone else’s around me) and of course the uncertainty about whether or not I’ll have a job tomorrow in these troubled times… I was a little lazy to even write. I know I know…. I know what you’re saying… But you work from home now, can you find 30 minutes to write a post?

Well, I couldn’t really. Why? Because not much is going on. Watching outbreak/apocalypse horror movies doesn’t count, and the rest of my days are mundane, depressing and redundant. Yeah, I tried cooking, i tried working out, I tried catching up with friends via Skype/LinkedIn and Facebook, and I caught myself scrolling on Instagram more that I care to admit.

Which is where I stumbled on Gal Gadot’s rendition of John Lennon’s Imagine. Oh boy… Where do I even start? Look, I get her intention and I get the message that she and so many celebrities like her are trying to convey with singing Imagine, but for the love of GOD stop.

Seriously I love you, but stop it. Yes, I’m sure Gadot’s PR team was not consulted prior posting this video, but for one I’m glad she’s got the backlash that she did. In a time when most of the humanity requires medical supplies, and donations to buy those supplies, Gal Gadot and so many airheads like her are singing in their million dollar mansions.

Seriously? Instead of donating and raising money to combat the Coronavirus, she was singing an almost 50 year old song. Singing. And I know that she’s doing this to boost the morale and raise awareness of the ongoing pandemic, but she’s not doing that. She’s annoying the rest of the non-rich entitled celebrity population. Which is I’m sorry to say me and you and pretty much 99.99999 % on the planet. We are aware of it. We know that these are terrible times. We know that countries are decimated right now in the most horrendous ways possible. But that’s not what we need right now. What we need are resources to keep fighting it. Masks, respirator machines, medical gloves and vaccines. ASAP.

Gal Gadot and so many other celebrities of her status have the power to raise millions just by sitting on their asses, but Gal Gadot choose to sing Imagine? Yeah, no thanks.

If you’re curious about the vocal talent of Gal Gadot you can check her video on her Instagram page, but I don’t recommend it. It can induce eye rolling and potentially vomiting.

What I do recommend are the following 3 TV series: Breeders, Devs and High Fidelity. I’ll be writing about them shortly. But for now… Thake my word for it. They’re good. Like really good. Gal Gadot’s Imagine is on the other hand… Not. Sorry not sorry.


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