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Just an awesome YouTube film channel worthy of you time


Once in a while, among the abundance of Youtube channels you can find something different. Something unique. Something authentic and made with love.

I’m talking about Patrick (H) Willems and his awesome, entertaining and brilliant Youtube channel. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t yet (why on Earth you haven’t seen it?).

Made by him and his friends/colleagues it’s a film/geek/comic book/nerd channel that depicts different stories, comedic versions of popular movies, film mash ups, hypothetical film scenarios or just basic tutorials for every film lover. And while most Youtube channels offer plain narration, clips and photos of the movies in question, Patrick is heavily involved in the process from both sides of the camera.

What if Alejandro G. Iñárritu Directed Wolverine? Why Do Marvel’s Movies Look Kind of Ugly? How to Make a Good Fantastic Four Movie? Or just really informative video essays on DC Films’ Character Problem or David Fincher & the Craft of Music Videos? You can find it here (and so much more).

So without much ado, I’d like to announce my first interview with the man himself. I had the pleasure to talk to Patrick Willems about his channel, the influences on his work, the videos that he makes and the process behind them (among many other things).

Stay tuned but first check out Patrick’s latest video.


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