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The philosophy of Logan explained


Wisecrack in its latest video edition, explored the themes and philosophies of Logan. One of the best movies of the year and last in which Hugh Jackman played the titular super hero.

But what exactly is the philosophy behind James Mangold’s latest work and what makes it a cinematic masterpiece? Jared from Wisecrack explains (among other things) that Logan is different than other super hero movies, BECAUSE it’s not. It’s a western, or a post western if you will. There is even and underlined connection with Shane- one of the greatest films of this genre, and similarities between the two films (Logan and Shane) are evident not just in the themes but in the character’s traits.

The character himself is more a relic from the age of mutants, but we are reminded of his animal nature and throughout the movie we are also reminded of the time in which the mutant are nearly extinct.
But more on the philosophy of Logan, the themes, the logic, the science, and the symbolism of different plot devices, can be found in the outstanding video edition courtesy of Wisecrack.



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