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Jack And Robert Reminded Us That It’s OK To Quit


You’ve probably heard about the two gentlemen I’m about to write about. Jack Nicholson and Robert Redford. Legends, Hollywood veterans, Academy Award winners all time favorite actors of mine. Well, you’ve probably heard the news about these two fine gentlemen.

Jack dropped out of the production of the American remake of Toni Erdmann (the German Oscar nominated movie), while Robert said goodbye with movie production all together. Yes, Robert Redford has confirmed he will retire from acting with the completion of his forthcoming film, The Old Man & the Gun. He’s been acting since the early 60’s and in 2001 was given an honorary Oscar for his work in the film industry.

Nicholson has left the production of Toni Erdmann, while Lisa Cholodenko is stepping up to direct the adaptation after the “Girls” duo of Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner dropped out.

And while Jack’s motives are not clear, Robert Redford’s are. He just got tired of it. Both men are at the age of 81, and probably sick and tired of acting yes it’s perfectly fine to be sick and tired), but even if that wasn’t the case one can learn a valuable lesson from these men.

That it’s OK to quit. It’s OK to back down from something and it’s OK to say NO. I’m yet to learn to say no, since I’m a career people pleaser and goody-two-shoes, and I’ve still haven’t learned my lesson. I hold on to toxic jobs, friends and people around me from fear of been called a failure, but it’s also to be a failure. It’s OK to fail sometimes. Cause after you fail, you can climb back up.

Jack and Robert showed us that it’s OK to quit the acting job (a film role in this case), or your job altogether if that’s what suits you. Of course, the wisdom comes with age and experience, but even a 30-something Millennial like myself can learn something from the two men.
It’s OK to quit and not to explain yourself (or you decisions) to the world. The world has to respect them, but you owe nothing to the world.

The world is a bug boy. The world will be just fine with you quitting.


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