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It Was Great Seeing Courteney Cox On TV Again


You’ve probably heard of this lady. And you’ve probably seen her in a little TV show like… oh I don’t know… Friends?

Well, this past weekend she guest-starred in one of my favorite TV shows ever, (Shameless) and boy it felt good seeing her on TV again. Yeah… Courteney Cox played Jen Wagner in the Face It, You’re Gorgeous episode of Shameless and it she was amazing. No, seriously… She was.
In an episode that had Katey Sagal, Bob Saget (also as guest stars) oh and not to mention the return of Mickey Milkovich (yeah!!!), Courteney had the biggest screen time of them all.

She played an alcoholic actress put in “care“ of Lip Gallagher. Yeah, after a drunken and very much viral scandal, she was given a „sober coach“ and for the day that coach was Lip. His main job was to stop her from hitting the bars and drinking herself to oblivion, and boy did she made his day a living hell all over Chicago.

But despite playing a drunken mess in this episode, it was overall watching Courteney Cox on TV again. She was light years from the control freak Monica Geller that we all know and love, but she looked great. I mean, she publicly stated that she dissolved all her fillers and her face looks more normal. Her face looks her age and it’s great. He talent shined through in this episode, and I also love the fact that she spent the entire weekend dressed in black sweatpants, minimal makeup and messy hair. Like a good old drunk.

And trust me, for a person that walked a mile in her shoes, I can confirm that it’s everyday attire. And an everyday occurrence is the mission to get alcohol in your system as soon as possible, but you know that already right?

What I didn’t know, was the fact that this was Courteney’s first TV appearance in 2 years. Well, since she starred in Drunk History. Yeah she had some stints in some forgettable TV shows and TV movies, but she hasn’t had a real acting challenge since Cougar Town ended in 2015, but come on! She deserves better!

Let’s not forget that she earned her fist Golden Globe nomination for that TV show, something she hasn’t succeeded to do in 10 years of Friends air-time. I’m fully aware that her career isn’t what it used to be, but I must admit it was wonderful seeing her on Shameless.

Her interaction with Jeremy’s character was awesome and that scene in the Gallagher household (yeah the Debbie kiss) was just brilliant. Loved it! Loved Her!


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