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I’m sooo glad I didn’t had a „film-like proposal“


Let me explain. First things first I’m engaged. Furthermore I’m engaged to be married to the most wonderful, caring, smart, gorgeous man there is and I could not be happier. The whole event happened a couple of months ago, and is was most definitely not a „film proposal“. I’d say thank God for that but I don’t believe in God and I’d better say, thanks Martin. That’s my fiancé’s name.

We’ve recently started telling people about our engagement, and among the many questions, there are recurring ones that truly surprise me and piss me off at the same time. When will be the wedding is also a present (and fair) question, but the ones that piss me off are about the engagement itself. 1. Why didn’t you announce it (the engagement) on social media (most notably on Facebook) like so many other couples did and 2. Was it a film-like engagement? (I bet it was).

Let’s start from the beginning. No, I did not announced my engagement on Facebook because I think some things should be private, even if it’s a happy event like… engagement. To be clear I don’t judge people who do announce engagements on Facebook, but I’d much prefer to say it in person. And I’m not a stranger to the practice actually. I’ve announced the birth of my niece a couple years ago for instance (and on FB no less) but I think that some things should be experienced in person (face to face) rather than generic on a social media. As weird as it may sound I’d love to hear the worlds Hey congratulations !!!, rather to read them on my feed. And furthermore from the 1033 friends I currently have on Facebook, about 20 are my family members and about 30 more are friends and colleagues. The rest of them are acquaintances or people that I barely know, so their greetings will be a lot less meaningful for me even in such happy event. A very wise person once said… Facebook is what you make of it…So why bother making it something that will bring you discomfort, even for just a couple of days?

Moving on the second subject. The theme of my engagement. There is a persistent assumption that has been following me throughout my entire life, and it’s also pissing me off right now. That if I watch a shit ton of movies… I actually live in one. But I blame myself for this. I do watch a lot of movies. So…. When I actually started telling people about our engagement, one of the many follow up questions I received was…. I bet it was a movie like proposal. Wasn’t it? Oh hell no… It was not! And I’m sooo glad it wasn’t. When I first heard this question, I was a little taken back, but a couple of seconds later it all came back to me. I knew what they were talking about. The movie proposals we all see in movies. The flamboyant, theatrical, kneeling on one knee, romantic tear jerk fest of a movie proposals. The ring and a thread proposal in Stepmom, the plane proposal from The Wedding singer, the empty Tiffany & Co store proposal from Sweet home Alabama, and the many many proposals from Runaway bride. So… no… not it wasn’t anything like that. We were at my place and we were laying on my bed when he casually asked me to marry him. There was no kneeling, no romantic gestures and even no ring. Yeah, that’s right! It was sweet, spontaneous and romantic actually. We were eating and watching TV while we were still in bed. He embraced me with both hands and that was that. And I cannot tell you how happy I was. It was a grown up decision from two madly in love adults to spend the rest of their lives together. Very down to earth and dignified. Kind of like me 🙂

To tell you the truth I never dreamed of the proposal most of the people were expecting I’d get. I never wanted the perfect ring, the perfect wedding dress, the perfect event of proposal or even the perfect wedding. Life is not perfect, and life has taught me to stay wary of chasing perfection. What I dreamed of actually, is to find the loving, caring, considerate and wonderful partner, and I hit the jack pot with that. I truly did. Did not dreamed of big rock on my finger, too. To be honest my engagement ring cost less than 8 dollars and i looove it. I picked it by my self, and I’d marry him even it was a „Kinder egg“ ring. But I believe in the „you’re marrying the GUY not the RING“ rule. So I could care less about the ring. I’d much prefer the guy was great.

So, in conclusion… There will be no Facebook announcement any time soon about my engagement and for those who are concerned no it was not a film-like proposal. Don’t worry, I’m quite happy with my proposal, but I’m thrilled about the man I got along with it 🙂


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