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I had my Joey moment and it also wasn’t pretty


All right now… I talked about my Rachel moment few weeks ago. I attempted to make a birthday cake, and failed but my future in law made an even worst failed attempt of a cake baking.

The worst thing about it was that we all had to eat it and say how great it was…When in fact it was chewy, overly sweet mess of cake. Well this week I had another Friends moment, and it also wasn’t pleasant.

That’s me and my fiancée after the movie screening

On Monday night my fiancée and I went to see the first film attempt of a mutual friend of ours. She’s a rookie director and it was her first film. It was actually a documentary film about her artist/sculptor father and it had e cinema screening besides being an amateur film, done by a first time director.

I should also point out that it had basically 0 $ budget, but it was barely watchable for what it was. We actually found ourselves discussing it on our way home, and trying to make it better with our words and ideas. We were also trying to find the things that we liked about the movie, but they were outnumbered by the things we didn’t liked.

There wasn’t any point, her representation of her father was done poorly (despite him being a respected artist) and it was more a vanity project. A passive aggressive move in order to display her daddy issues towards her father. One thread in the movie were the disgruntle comments towards her father never being home, but overall the finished product was terrible, despite being a film debut.

But as I set there in the movie theater, I found myself being in a classic Joey moment. Remember when he dragged his friends and made them watch all the terrible plays, soap opera appearances and B-movies that he starred in? And they all had to sit there and watch those terrible performances? Well… There were about 50 disappointed people in that theater (us 2 included) and at the end we had to applaud and say it was great. Very promising film from a talented director with a bright future were i believe my words (yeah i had to lie).

Sooooo, I had my Joey moment and it wasn’t pretty. Again. I’ll let you know if I have any other Friends moment in the future, but so far… the last 2 were terrible.


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