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Holly crap! I really liked Meghan Markle’s wedding dress in Suits


Well, you’ve probably heard of this lady. If you haven’t by now, you’re probably living under a rock and it’s time to come out.

Yes, the American actress, is engaged to be married to Prince Harry and the wedding is due son. Really soon. May 19th soon. But the actress, who is best known for her role in the legal drama series Suits, had a fictional wedding already. Actually her character Rachel Zane had.

Rachel married Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) in two hour season finale of the 7th season, and although I’ve been a fan of the show, I actually watched the finale.

To be honest, I watched it for only one reason. The dress. As a future bride myself, I actually liked it. It reminds me a bit of my own dress, they are both A-line, and they are both a closely guarded secret. And as a person that deals with acne on various parts of my body, I decided against backless gown, for fear of exposing my back acne and the scars from that acne.

But I loooved Meghan’s wedding dress on Suits. I really did. I loved the color of that Versailles” wedding dress by Anne Barge. Loved the black waist band, the embroider details, the volume and length and of course how it fit her.

I never expected to like it, since there a very few wedding dresses on TV that I actually like, but this one was solid. Now, I cannot wait to see her actual dress on her actual wedding day, but I was impressed with what I saw in her fictional wedding.

Well done Meg!


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