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Hey Disney! Please Don’t Ruin Magera!


All, right now. You’ve probably heard the news. Hercules is going to be one of Disney’s live-action remakes. That’s right. The 1997 Disney’s animated classic will get the live-action treatment, whether you like it or not. I personally hate these live-action remakes but hey… There’s nothing that I can do about it. I might as well accept it.

There’s isn’t any particular info regarding the cast and crew that will be occupying the Hercules remake. But what is already known is that Dave Callaham will be writing the script and the Russo brothers are producing the movie.

Now, as a woman and a woman that actually grew up watching Hercules, my plea to Disney would be… Please don’t cheapen Megara’s character.

You see, in the vast pool of Disney princesses (yes, she’s a Disney princess), and strong female leads (I can’t believe I’m writing that term but whatever), Megara easily rises to the top. She’s wise, sarcastic, and cynical, with a dry sense of humor. At the same time, she’s beautiful and has weak ankles like myself.

But most importantly she had he fair share of bad men before she found the ONE. Again, much like myself. I mean she sold her soul to save her boyfriend, and what did the asshole did in return? Dumped her for some bimbo.

Megara is a very complex character. And frankly there isn’t anyone like her. She’s loyal, independent, and strong. She’s not your typical- Damsel in distress archetype of a Disney character. And if I’ll have to choose, I’ll pick Megara (or Meg) over any other Disney princess out there.

But, what I mostly love about her is that she’s very flawed and layered. She can be manipulative, gullible, and naïve. So, please Disney…. Don’t ruin this character. Let her be just as bad-ass as she was in the 1997 movie. She doesn’t even have to sing. Please don’t cheapen this character by making her whiny, clingy, and meek little woman. She’s much stronger than you think.

And if you’re going to make her sing, please don’t get Ariana Grande or someone of her status just to have someone who can sing a song or two. The important thing is to know how to act. Better yet, why not get Susan Egan for the singing? She’s the fantastic voice actress that voiced Megara in the animated movie. It would be such a nod to the original, and the magnificent work that Egan did in the 1997 movie.

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Look, you can beef-up any guy into the Hercules role easily. All that the actor requires are 6 months in the gym with a personal trainer and boom. You have an instant Hercules. But nailing Megara will prove to be a much difficult task. Trust me.

So, please! Don’t cheapen this role. Don’t ruin the role. The 90’s kids looked up to this character. Myself included.


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