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Pennywise Is The Perfect Wedding Guest


The final trailer for the upcoming It- Chapter Two is the main culprit for this post. Did you see it? It’s awesome. So fucking scary. I can only imagine what the movie will be like.

And if I’m being honest, the main reason why I was having nightmares last night, but what the heck. I’m used to them. Now, as I previously mentioned I’m getting married in a little over a month. The reception and the big party is scheduled for September 7th, but the actual nuptials  in  City Hall, the betrothal of me and Martin is scheduled for a day ahead. September 6th.

Which is coincidentally the premiere date for It- Chapter 2. And we (Me and Martin) have a pact. Right after saying I do, Martin and I, along with our friends are going to be headed to the nearest cinema to watch this movie. How cool is that?

And I don’t care about horror movies, per se. But It – the 2017 movie has a special place in my heart. My very frightened heart. One of our best dates was when we saw the movie back in 2017. I was stuffing my head into his arm and he was shielding me from the scary stuff.

I felt so loved, protected as if my fiancée was protecting me from the evil clown himself. What can I say, I picked the perfect specimen. Which is why I decided to invite Pennywise to our wedding. I’m almost certain that I’m going to have nightmares after I watch Chapter 2, just like I did when I watched the first movie. So, I’m inviting him to my wedding as well. I just know that he’s going to be present in my dreams, so he might as well be present on the day of my wedding.

And aside from nostalgia, I have another reason to watch this movie. The cast. I’m a huge James McAvoy/Bill Hader fan and I just can’t wait to see them together in this movie. I get a special kick of watching Bill in non-comedic roles and I do not doubt that he’s going to do a phenomenal job yet again.

So, that’s why I call Pennywise the perfect wedding date. Because of him in the movie that he occupies, I got to have probably the best date in my life, and I’m looking forward to seeing Chapter 2. Here’s to more shuffling into Martin’s body! Here’s to a future together.


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