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Favorite Jeff Bridges Movie… Ever


You’ve probably heard the news. Academy Award winner Jeff Bridges will be honored with the Cecile B. Demille award at the upcoming Golden Globe awards ceremony. The ceremony will be hosted by actors Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg, and I can hardly wait for it to be honest.

Bridges is previous Golden Globe, winner in the Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama category (he won it for Crazy Heart in 2010) and it’s great that he’s honored again for the lifetime achievement. But before we get to witness his honor at the Golden Globes, let me brief you on why I love him and on my favorite movie of his.

First thing first. He’s the coolest dude ever. Have you heard of any scandal surrounding him in the past 5 decades? Nope. He’s been a family man for the past 4 decades and besides being an amazing actor he’s been published author, an accomplished singer, photographer and narrator. He’s a versatile and extremely talented man, and he never ceases to amaze me with his acting even in the most mundane of film projects.

He’s amazing, but let me tell you about my favorite movie of his. The Fabulous Baker Boys. The Steve Cloves musical romantic drama is probably one of my 2 favorite movies, with Against All Odds leaning in close second place. I find Against All Odds to have the sexiest version of Jeff Bridges (the beard is fineeeee) but The Fabulous Baker Boys is just amazing even to this day. Jeff played alongside his real-life brother Beau Bridges in this movie, and of course besides the fabulous Michelle Phieffer. She got a lot of publicity and critical acclaim for this role, but people seem to forget how amazing he was as well.

His character was brooding, distant, but oh so gorgeous. I loved his chemistry with Michelle and his banter with his brother was just hilarious. Oh, and the sight of Jeff dressed in a tux playing on a grand piano is just mesmerizing. Need I go on? OK then. His friendship with his neighbor girl was just sweet and did I mention how fine Jeff looked in this movie? The only sexier look that I can think of is the bearded but oh so sexy look in Against All Odds.

So here it is… My favorite Jeff Bridges movie of all time. The Fabulous Baker Boys. He was amazing, he was just gorgeous and the movie was brilliant.


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