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Golden Globe Nominations: Messy, Unpredictable And Fun


You’ve probably seen the Golden Globe nominations. Yes, the nominations for the annual Golden Globe awards were announced today, and boy they were eclectic. The ceremony of honoring the best in film and TV will be held on January 6th 2019, and Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg were chosen to be the hosts.

For this post I’ll focus on the film nominations, and I’ll cover the TV nominations in another post. But why do I love this year’s nominations? Well, for one they were eclectic, fun and messy in a good way. Marvel got it’s fist movie to be nominated for a Golden Globe ya’ll! That’s right! Black Panther got a nomination in the best drama film category, and while I was surprised by the nominations of Elsie Fisher (for Eighth Grade) and Richard E. Grant (for Can You Ever Forgive Me?) There are some nominations that didn’t caught me by surprise.

Everyone else did, but not me. I knew they were wonderful but somehow many people couldn’t see that. Look, I know that at the moment Lady Gaga and The Star Is Born are the toast of the town. The Bradley Cooper drama received 5 Golden Globe nominations, but I’m not here about that. Or Nicole Kidman. Or Amy Adams. They’re great yet again, but no…. No, I’m here about Charlize Theron. And Rosamund Pike. And John C. Riley and my all-time crush Robert Redford.

Claire Foy received her first Golden Globe nomination (for First Man) and Adam Driver proved once again that he’s a force to be reckoned with. He also grabbed a Golden Globe nomination (for BlacKkKlansman), and so did Richard E. Grant, who got his first but long overdue Golden Globe nomination (for Can You Ever Forgive Me?)

Lin Manuel Miranda and John David Washington were also honored (but for different categories) but can we talk about Rosamund and Charlize? I was not surprised but by all intended purposes, they shouldn’t have been nominated at all. Rosamund’s movie, A private War received the bare minimum of publicity in the mainstream media, but I guess the fact that it’s a biopic for a killed journalist had some merit within the Hollywood Foreign Press Association members.

And as for Tully, the movie that Charlize got nominated for, well, that movie was released in May. It’s a long time to be frank. In Hollywood anyway. Most of the award contender movies have theatrical releases in the early to late autumn. I bet that if you ask a random person on the street, nobody will remember that Tully existed, let alone that it premiered this year.

The director’s category will certainly be fun to watch come January. You have the Peter Farrelly’s comeback but in the big league and Spike Lee’s return after years of mediocre films. Alfonso Cuaron is always a threat, and everyone’s focus will be put on Bradley Cooper’s rookie attempt in directing (The Star Is Born). But can Adam McKay shake things up and take the award home? We’ll see on January 6th, but for the first time in years, there isn’t any particular favorite in this category.

Everyone can win in my opinion.


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