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Denzel is seeking revenge yet again


Do you remember Equalizer? The 2014 film that made Denzel Washington a killing revengeful, bad ass machine? Well, be prepared for the sequel called Equalizer 2, and for the first official trailer that is out today.

Robert McCall is on a new mission in the sequel. To find the killers of his friend Susan Plummer (Melissa Leo), but that won’t be an easy task, even with what appears to be are more killings, mutilations and assassinations on behalf of McCall.

Pedro Pascal, Bill Pullman, Sakina Jaffrey and Ashton Sanders are also part of Equalizer 2, while Antoine Fuqua set down on the directorial chair once again.
I for one enjoyed the first movie, and from the looks of it the second one will bring much more action, fights and killer moves from Denzel.

Equalizer 2 opens on July 20th.


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