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David Fincher : analyzed and adored


David Fincher is a different breed. Uncompromising, relentless, perfectionist, stylish, meticulous… Sometimes gloomy and melancholic in his work, he’s actually regarded, studied and respected as an auteur and an artist (in the sometimes sterile film industry).

Frequent user of low angels, wide shots and with plenty of serial killers in his movies, his latest work is another proof of that affinity. Mindhunter – the latest Netflix TV series that he produced and co-directed is the current hit of the month, and it’s a continuous progression of his fascination with the human psyche. Or lack there of. But what fascinates his fans is his method, themes, creative process, and visual development of the characters and how he visually leads the story in his projects.

His movies have been analyzed, studied, and don’t’ even get me started about his work in music videos and commercials. Many creative Youtube-ers and fans of Fincher have already created an homage videos of him and his work, ranging from what he doesn’t do in his movies, to the small details that only his most devoted fans can notice and appreciate.

Here is a selection of some of the finest video analyses about David Fincher that you should definitely indulge yourself with. Enjoy.

*All depicted material belongs to the creators of the following Youtube videos.

How David Fincher Hijacks Your Eyes
Made by: Nerdwriter1

THE GAME: How David Fincher Crafts the Perfect Lonely Protagonist
Made by: Mr Nerdista

David Fincher & the Craft of Music Videos (video essay)
Made by: Patrick (H) Willems

David Fincher – Masterpieces
Made by: Gabriel Fasano

Se7en : hacking David Fincher
Made by: Hack No Gem

David Fincher – And the Other Way is Wrong
Made by: Every Frame a Painting

David Fincher – Invisible Details
Made by: kaptainkristian

David Fincher: Se7en and Redemption (The Director Series)
Made by: Indie Film Hustle

How David Fincher’s Movie Color Palette Sets Your Nerves on Edge
Made by: StudioBinder

Is David Fincher an Auteur?
Made by: Kasey McDonnell

David Fincher: Elevating The Scene
Made by: Michael Couvaras

David Fincher: Alien 3 & His Early Works (The Director Series)
Made by: Indie Film Hustle


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