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Coronavirus Optimism: What Are You Doing First When This Is Over?


I’ve been thinking about something. As the fear of the Coronavirus is growing stronger, and the death-toll is getting higher, I began to think optimistically.

Hey, it’s either that or doom, gloom, boredom and depression. And i don’t have much choice in the matter. It’s either that or go insane. So, in the middle of this depressing uncertainty, the bright and optimistic side of my character kicked in for a minute. And naturally I began to think of the future.

Future without quarantine, lock-downs, masks and social isolation. Like I’ve said. Right now I don’t mind the social isolation that much. I’m an introvert by nature, and I’ve managed to keep myself sane with the help my family, husband and my dog. I’m perfectly fine sitting home days and days on end, but there are some things that I do miss from my previous life.

My friends are on top of this list. I also miss shopping, drinking coffee at the local coffee shops, going to the part, and of course the gym.

Not going to the gym has hit me real hard to be honest. I’ve been exercising regularly (every or every other day) for the past decade. I do it for my health more than for my appearance, but not gonna lie. The appearance is important too. I love being able to fit into clothes, and I love looking toned, fit, slim and overall healthy. And since I’ve been sitting at home, basically doing nothing, my health and my appearance began to deteriorate.

I’ve gain weight and I lost that toned muscle that I used to have. I try to manage it by working out at home, and by watching my diet… But it’s not the same. It’s just not.

So, in my case the first thing I’ll do when the Coronavirus pandemic is over… I’ll go to the gym. And frankly I’m going to exercise until my legs fall off.

The second (hugely important) thing I’m going to do after this pandemic is over… I’m going to make a baby. Seriously. Look. I need the first thing on this list, in order to make the second thing. If i’m not fit and healthy, how on earth am i going to conceive? My husband and I have been trying to conceive for months now, but understandably we had to put the baby pans on hold for a while. We wanted to get through this alive and well, and then have a baby. How on earth am I going to get an ultrasound in this pandemic? No gynecologist will have me. Frankly, my husband barely got a dentist to see his aching tooth, let alone a gynecologist for me.

And the third thing that I’m going to do, when this pandemic is over…. I’m going to go to the MOVIES! Seriously. Watching movies on Netflix is not the same as going to the movie theater. It’s just not. The experience is way better, and there’s people around you. It’s not just you and your husband in your bedroom.

So, there. Here are my post- pandemic plans. What are yours? Tell me about them in the comments. Would love to know them.



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