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Just some things I wish I knew before I started blogging


Well it’s been almost 3 months. I know I know… it’s still early to talk about success when my pride is joy not even 3 months old. But, let’s reflect on something in the wake of this little milestone. The learned knowledge that comes with the practice of doing this job.

I’ve been prepping, designing, investigating and learning about almost every aspect of this job beforehand. Yeah i’ve been a writer and journalist before, but never on my own creation. And with that came well… you know, the managing, the updating, the on line marketing… and everything In between. It’s not just about the writing.

Bit since I’ve actually stared blogging, writing and contributing to my own blog, things have been quite „interesting“… to say the least. First of all, if you come where I come from, it’s most likely that the people over 50 won’t know what the hell you are talking about, when you’ll be describing your job.

I cannot tell you enough about the effort and wasted time that I’ve spent explaining what I blog actually is to my mom’s friends. Surprisingly younger people have hard time grasping the concept too. Secondly, there is the immediate discouragement from great chunk of the population. I’m not talking about my friends, family and my partner. They have been most supportive and amazing since the inception of the idea.

-Get as proper job honey, you’re just wasting your time on that computer!

-Are you a millionaire yet? (Insert sarcasm smirk here)

-You have a film blog? Great… Do you write about porn movies too?

-When are you going to learn that there is no money in that? Get a proper job what pays well, and something with benefits too…

That is more or less the rhetoric you’ll hear pretty much all the time from acquaintances and even from total strangers.

Most likely you’ll spend your days analyzing your Google analytics more than you’ll like to admit. Seriously… If you’re not careful… monitoring your numbers, traffic and overall progress (if you’re lucky) will turn into obsession. So pace yourself!

Everyone will be giving you advice. And I mean everyone. Your ex colleagues, friends, family and anonymous strangers on line. Some of it is well meaning and applicable to your daily job, but most of it is just spam, meddling and hopelessly confusing information. You’ll have to be gratuitous and learn to filter it.

If you have a full time job besides you blog and you know… a life – GOOD LUCK. You’ll be having daily panic attacks about meeting you deadline to write a blog, checking your schedule to squeeze in 40 minutes in the gym between writing again and checking you e mail at you lunch break.

You’ll inevitably make mistakes. Yup… You’ll screw up on the most easy, mundane and basic stuff you can possibly imagine. You’ll probably screw up someone’s name, job description and don’t even get me started about simple grammar errors in your writing.

Oh you’ll also get annoyed about all of this. You can’t help it, so just go with the flow of daily annoyance.

Let’s talk about monetizing you blog. Oh boy. Good luck in finding a paid commercial, banner, sponsorship on any other advertisement. Especially in the economy where I live, it’s practically impossible to get lucrative deals, ads and commercials on any blogs, and especially fixed content blogs such as the one in Filmsane.

You’ll be cleaning your admin from spam on a daily basis. Seriously it’s annoying AF but hey… it comes with the territory.

But despite of all this, with each passing day you’ll gain more experience, contacts and friendships doing the thing you love. Liiiike…. watching movies and TV shows and writing about them. And to tell you the truth, regardless if you make it or not… you can’t really put a price on that.


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