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5 Of My Favorite Michael Caine Heist Movies


Let’s talk about Sir Michael Caine. The legend. The 2 time Academy Award winner. The British cultural icon that is Michael Caine. But can we talk about his dedication, longevity and reluctance to retire to the delight of his fans? Yes. The man is 85 years old and still going strong. Still making fantastic movies, and still being an inspiration to the younger generations of directors, filmmakers and actors.

In his long and stellar career spanning more than 5 decades, he always stayed true to himself, never lost that cockney accent, and amazed us with his ability to transform into a posh dandy, secret agent or into a doctor looking after young orphans. He’s been versatile in his role picks, but there is one particular genre of films with Michael Caine that’s been a true treasure to behold and cherish.

No, not the dramas or comedies or even the famous spy movies that he did back in the 60′ and 70’s. No. I’m talking about the glory that is the heist movie. And Michael Caine has quite a few good movies in his C.V. to be honest. In fact he’ll be presenting his latest work (a heist movie based on a true story) King of Thieves later this year, but i want to take a trip down memory lane and remind you of some of his previous heist movies that are brilliant and timeless. Kinda like him.

Gambit (1966)

Director: Ronald Neame
Stars: Shirley MacLaine, Michael Caine, Herbert Lom…
Fun fact about the movie: Shirley MacLaine does not speak until 29 minutes into the film.

The Italian Job (1969)

Director: Peter Collinson
Stars: Michael Caine, Noël Coward, Benny Hill…
Fun fact about the movie: Paramount Pictures chief Robert Evans originally wanted Robert Redford to play the part of Charlie.

Inception (2010)

Director: Christopher Nolan
Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page…
Fun fact about the movie: It took ten years for Christopher Nolan to write the screenplay for this movie.

Now You See Me (2013)

Director: Louis Leterrier
Stars: Jesse Eisenberg, Common, Mark Ruffalo…
Fun fact about the movie: The film cast includes three Oscar winners: Morgan Freeman, Sir Michael Caine, and Common; and three Oscar nominees: Mark Ruffalo, Woody Harrelson, and Jesse Eisenberg.

Going in Style (2017)

Director: Zach Braff
Stars: Michael Caine, Alan Arkin, Ann-Margret…
Fun fact about the movie: This is the sixth time Morgan Freeman and Sir Michael Caine have worked together.



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