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Tenet And Why do I love Christopher Nolan’s movies?


In less than 2 months (hopefully if things don’t change) Christopher Nolan will grace us with his latest movie, Tenet. You know the name and it’s a stupid name but don’t ask me what the movie is all about. I don’t think even the actors know that.

I saw the first trailer few months ago and got really confused. I also tried to download Fortnite so I can watch the second trailer there, but I gave up half way through, and decided to wait for it to be uploaded here on you tube. Waste of time? Maybe. Is it worth installing Chinese spying software? Perhaps not. But hey you learn something new every day.

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Back to the topic at hand. Tenet. I’m not going to dive too much into predictions, statistics and analysis of the potential gross of the movie. Because I get bored easily. However, I am going to ask a couple of questions regarding the release of the movie in the wake of the current global crisis. Tenet needs to earn more than 400 million dollars globally from about 80% of the movie theaters in order to break even. How on Earth are they (and by they I mean Nolan and Warner Brothers) going to pull it off?

First of all, even if they open 80% of the capacity, there is going to be selective screening and special siting arrangements. That alone won’t fill the movie theaters to the brim. That’s maybe half of the total capacity, so the movie will be falling short from the get-go.

Secondly, there’s the inherent fear of going back to the mundane things like going to the movies. Why?Because there are lot’s of people there and even if they do wear protection, it’s not like going to the supermarket. I mean can you watch a 2 and a half hour movie with a mask on? How will you even stuff your face with day old popcorn and watered down soda?

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I don’t know about you, but I’m baffled by all of this. All joking aside, I would be terrified to go to the movies even with a hazmat suit. Seriously. It would just feel weird and unsafe, but you do you.

And what can you expect to see in Tenet? Well, given what we’ve seen and known so far, you can expect plenty of time travel and femme fattales. And honestly… I don’t know. And I like it. For the first time in like forever I will be watching something that I don’t know nothing about. In a time when there are teasers in the trailer, explaining the same same trailer that you’re going to watch in 5 seconds, This is a refreshing thing to look forward to. To be happy about.

But let’s not get ahead of myself. Why do I love Christopher Nolan movies?

Back when I was a sophomore in high school, my best friend an I went out to see Memento. And not only I got an A by analyzing it in my creative writing class, but it inspired me and set me on a path to become a film journalist. My friend on the other hand became a director (just like Nolan) so…. You can say that Memento had a big impact on our lives.

Nolan’s Insomnia was one of the few remakes I loved even more than the original movie, which is really rare for me. But, I was one of the handful of people that defended Nolan as a choice to direct a Batman movie. I even liked the shaky cam in Batman Begins, so there’s that. You have to remember that Batman as a brand prior to the Dark Knight trilogy was a decaying franchise.

Broken and beaten by the horrible Joel Schumacher Batman movies. Let’s face it, mostly because of the studio’s melding and the attempts in making it a happy meal franchise. And I like Joel’s movies in general. Falling Down is one of the best portrayals of one man’s breaking point. As you get older you start to appreciate this movie more and more, but perhaps that’s a topic for another video.

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Then there’s Inception. Probably my all time favorite Nolan movie. Who’s influence can be felt even to this day. Whether it’s the way the trailers are made, or the movie aesthetic, Inception really brought something new to the table.

Which brings me to the glory that is Interstellar. A rather divisive movie, but I personally loved it. I kept recommending it to people for years and years. Not just as a great SF movie, but a great movie to watch in general. It’s a slow burner of a movie, but when it picks up steam (half-way through) doesn’t disappoint. At least, it didn’t disappoint me.

And there’s the originality in his movies. Besides Insomnia and the Dark Knight trilogy, most of Nolan’s movies are original pieces of work. That’s not to say that he doesn’t draws influences from other movies and directors (most notably Satoshi Kohn’s movies Powder Blue and Paprika in Inception). But don’t confuse an homage to a remake or an adaptation please.

I can’t really forget about his reliance on practical effects. He’s one of the few remaining directors currently doing more practical effects rather than CGI. And I must say, it’s a dying work of art in Hollywood, right? Not that many people, especially directors from his generation can say the same actually. And in an era in which the CGI has become the norm, has made even great directors to become lazy and compliant.

Look, I’m not saying that the CGI is bad on to itself, but very few few people (especially in Hollywood) know how to use it, efficiently. Fincher, Tarantino and Nolan are the exceptions from the pool of bad CGI use.

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Personally what I love about his movies is the non-linear timeline story telling throughout his movies. And the flawed characters too. He’s good at showing the human traits in his characters. They’re flawed and sometimes disturbed characters but you can’t say that they’re not real. Even in an unlikely settings. Case in point Inception.

Yeah. That’s my take on Nolan’s movies and my never-ending love for him. What are your reasoning’s? Tell me in the comment section below.


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