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The Kominsky Method: Michael Douglas Caught The TV Bug


Yeah, You’ve read that right. The Academy Award winner Michael Douglas (along with his fellow Oscar winner Alan Arkin that is) is the latest A-list celebrity to catch the TV bug.

Douglas and Arkin are the stars of The Kominsky Method -the latest TV series created by Chuck Lorre. Douglas is credited as the co-producer of The Kominsky Method, and the TV series is set to premiere on November 16, 2018 on Netflix.

The Kominsky Method follows “Sandy Kominsky (Michael Douglas), an actor who years ago had a brief fling with success and is now a revered Hollywood acting coach. Arkin plays Norman, Sandy’s agent and friend, while Nancy Travis, Lisa Edelstein and Sarah Baker fill some of the supporting roles.

Now, this is not Douglas’s first stint on TV. Back in the 70’s he was the star of the crime drama The Streets of San Francisco (alongside Karl Malden), and besides guest-starring in an episode of Will&Grace back in 2003, Douglas hasn’t acted on TV for more than 40 years.

So, why now?

Well, one might just simply say that he’s just following the trend. Plenty of respectable A-list stars and fellow Oscar winners have joined the ranks of TV royalty and in plenty of acclaimed projects I might add. Kevin Spacey had one hell of ride in House Of Cards before being fired last year, Julia Roberts ruled TV this month with Homecoming, Nicole Kidman and Reece Whiterspoon are a great duo on Big Little Lies and Meryl Streep is joining them for the upcoming second season.

Anthony Hopkins showed a master-class in acting in the first seasons of Westworld, and even Douglas’s wife Catherine Zeta Jones dabbed her toes in some TV work. Last year she played Olivia de Havilland in Feud:Bette And Joan, and just 2 days after her husband’s premiere she’ll be promoting the release of her own TV series called Queen America.

But is it a bad career move? No, even for a star like Michael Douglas. Maybe 10 years earlier, it would have been a questionable move, and his TV work would have been perceived like a degradation of once great movie star, but not now. TV is currently in a a state of glorious Renaissance, and all the star’s I’ve mentioned and catching that wave. The quality of the TV content is at its peak and the state of TV has never look better.

There is diversity, variety and a good dose between quantity and quality. There’s a TV show for everyone’s taste and it’s up to you to keep up. No wonder why every A-list star in Hollywood is on board.

But, I’m looking forward in seeing The Kominsky Method. I love the actors, and judging from the trailer, I’ll love the premise too.

So, bring it on Michael!


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