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The Babysitter: Fun Guilty Pleasure by Netflix


Have you heard the name McG lately? No, not lately, am I right? Well, I don’t blame you. After series of commercial and critical flops in the past years (This Means War, 3 Days to Kill) McG has returned behind the camera.

The Babysitter is McG’s latest project and it’s coming from the brewery called Netflix. Oh, and It’s been my surprisingly guilty pleasure, since I watched it a few days ago. Seriously, if you haven’t seen it by now, do it immediately. You’ll thank me later.

But what makes it so great you might ask? It’s just a teen horror-comedy story made by Netflix. It doesn’t have that many well-known actors in the roles, and it premiered on Nerflix in October 2017.

Yeah, I know I’m late to the party, but I feel like this has been my hidden treasure that I discovered and now I can’t stop talking (and writing about it). Well, technically, my boy discovered it first, the night before.

He couldn’t sleep and late at night stumbled upon The Babysitter. Oh, and the very next morning, while I was at work, kept nagging me about this awesome film that he saw and how I must watch it And I did. He saw it for the second time with me (in solidarity) and hid di his very best to spoil most of the plot. Actually I was nagging him about that.

He’s very familiar with my reluctance to watch horror movies, since I’m way too big of a chicken to sit through the screening of It… but I digress.

Anyway… About the movie. It was brilliant. Hilarious, funny, the right amount of scary, and so campy. Aghhhh. OK. Cole (played by Judah Lewis) is 12 year old suburban boy that is still minded by a nanny. And not just any nanny. A very hot blonde nanny called Bee (played by Samara Weaving) that shares his love for the pop culture trivia. One night when his parents are out of town (they’re played by Ken Marino and Leslie Bibb), Bee will tuck young Cole into bed, but his curiosity (fueled by his neighbor Melanie) will make him go downstairs and see what she’s been doing while he’s sleeping.

And trust me… He won’t like it. What stared of as an innocent teen corny movie will soon turn into a horror-comedy in the middle of the movie. Kinda like From Dusk Till Dawn you know? But despite having great camera work, I loved how the movie made that lead character growth and progression in just one night. Cole was over-protected child at home and bullied child at school. Way too intelligent but way too naïve for his age. I guess, his sheltered upbringing and fear from almost everything made him a child even in his pre-teen years, but that one scary night in his own house made him grown up much faster.

That one scary night made Cole grow up and confront his phobias way faster, almost without even realizing it. Samara Weaving was also great in the role of the evil babysitter, and don’t even get me started how great and adorable Judah Lewis was in this role. I saw him in Demolition, a few years back, but I was pleasantly surprised by this young man.

So, there you have it. My guilty pleasure. The Babysitter is truly awesome. Its fun well directed horror comedy like I thought Hollywood doesn’t make anymore. I’m glad I was wrong.


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