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Yes Netflix! Doug Stamper is a great character for a spin off


You might have heard the news. Due to Kevin Spacey’s scandal involving his sexual advances towards 14 year old Anthony Rapp (from some odd 20 years ago), Netflix announced that is canceling House Of Cards after the show’s 6th season.

But a day after the scandal broke in the news, Variety announced that Netflix and production company Media Rights Capital are currently developing spin off series revolving around other House of cards characters and one of those characters in Doug Stamper (played by Michael Kelly). For which all I can say is Hallelujah!

I’d also love to see a spin off series about Claire Underood (played by Robin Wright), and especially after the development of the character and her last words in the season 5’s finale (My Turn).

But I’ll be happy to see a Doug Stamper series too. Played by the outstanding Michael Kelly, Doug has been dark force in DC. The creepy, ruthless and unerringly loyal chief of staff in Underwood’s administration will go to any length to preserve and protect Frank Underwood and his public image. Even if that involves illegal shady stuff, he will stop at nothing. But what makes such a compelling character. Well for one…

Doug’s sense of identity is dependent on his role as Frank Underwood’s right-hand man. If he’s not that he will simply go nuts. He sacrificed his private life, his reputation, his time and job so many times for Frank that it’s become second nature to him. He knows of nothing else.

Doug is one of the major reasons Frank was elected into the White House, and yes when needed, he’s also a mediator, a negotiator, an enforcer, an assassin and a confidante all at once. He’s one man show for a variety of tasks required by one of the most ruthless man in DC, but at times he’s shown a moral compass and even guilt. Which brings me to the point.

While the Underwoods are power hungry and layered in a different direction, Doug is the most fascinating character on a totally different level. He’s flawed and relatable under all that ruthless shenanigans. He’s an addict, he’s obsessive and his self-destructive at times.

No one can forget his Fuck the Zero AA monologue back in season 1 and of course there was the creepy obsession with Rachel Posner throughout several seasons. But although in Lauren Moretti he saw an opportunity to redeem himself, both women showed his penchant for damaged people like himself.

Doug Stamper is also played by one of the most talented and versatile actors currently working today, Michael Kelly and though several interviews he’s even stated that he’s confused with Doug even in his private life. People are actually scared of Michael Kelly thinking that he’s Doug, even though he’s apparently one of the nicest, friendliest people in Hollywood.

Yeah… Doug Stamper is the perfect character for a spin off series to House Of Cards. He’s so layered and yet a fascinating enigma of a character all at the same time. There is more to him and I’d love to know what that MORE is.

So Netflix… please indulge me and the rest of Doug’s fans and give us a spin of series…. Pleaseeeeeee!


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