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Thanks mom!


Well, folks you’ve probably heard the news. Today is March 8th. A period of 24  hours in which every woman around the freaking globe celebrates the international women’s day. A day that commemorates the movement for women’s rights, and in the era of Time’s up movement it’s wore than needed day.

But on this day I’d like to talk to you about one special woman. Well, at least for me. My mother. She one bad ass lady, and trust me I’m not exaggerating this. Besides writing about her, and presenting her to the public, I’d also like to thank her for being so brilliant, that unknowingly she set an example of bad-ass-ery for me and my sister – but also unknowingly chose my future career.  Let me explain.

First hings first. You want to know why she’s sooooo bad ass and amazing.? Well, for one she’s a breast cancer survivor. Yup. And she still has more life, energy and optimism than anyone I know that is my age (or younger). She endured hardships and set backs, but always rise above it with dignity and grace. And fierce determinism to criticize my outfits or to tell me to brush me hair before I walk through out the door, but i digress. She’s an amazing cook, a fantastic listener and great at dulling advice.

But she’s also a great film buff, and I wouldn’t be what I’m today if it was for her. You see when I was a child, money was tight but she took me to the movies every week. And growing up in the 90’s we didn’t had INTERNET, or Netflix for that matter. Heck we didn’t had basic cable. There were a couple of TV channels, but whenever was some good movie on, we’d tune in with the popcorn and peanuts (popcorn for me peanuts for her) and we’d watch old classic movies. I’ve seen basically every Robert Redford movie there is (it’s her favorite actor), and also every De Niro movie and Pachino movie on the planet.

When I as a child, i saw movies that were way to mature for me, and also very serious movies which I failed to understand back then. I saw One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s nest when I was probably 8, and Giant when I was 10.

To this day whenever I see one of those „Mom movies“ I have flashbacks, a fond memories of certain scenes that I saw and remind me of her. I actually remember the feeling I had while I was watching Godfather Part 2 with her. She installed the love for the movies very early on, and it has never left me to be honest. What began as a mom/daughter bonding ritual, has morphed into a passion and then in a potential job prospect. Watching films and writing about films is now my passion and my bread and butter if you will. Thanks’ to that special lady I love to call MOM.



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