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Trailer of the day

Sonic the Hedgehog Trailer: Is It Bad Or Bad?

Well, you’ve probably seen it. The first official trailer for the live animation movie based on the legendary video game. Sonic the Hedgehog’s first trailer is here, and it’s well… Underwhelming. Seriously. It’s not good. ...
April 30, 2019
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Breaking News! Jim Carrey Is Great Again!

Jim Carrey is great again! What a glorious thing to say and write. And after series of missteps, and years of career flops (particularly in his film career), the Canadian veteran is back on TV. ...
September 1, 2018
Blast from the past

3 of my favorite Milos Forman movies

You’ve probably heard the sad news. The Czech  born director and  two time Academy Award winner Milos Forman died at the age of 86. Forman was noted for being one of the most versatile and ...
April 15, 2018
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The fine line between „Method acting“ and being obnoxious asshole

If you saw the first trailer for the upcoming Netflix documentary Jim & Andy The Great Beyond, you’ve probably were reminded of couple of things. How very missed is the talent and presence of Andy ...
October 20, 2017
Blast from the past

Time machine picks of Jim Carey’s best movies

Jim Carrey is back in the spotlight. He has been actually for several years now, but not about his latest hit movie or the awards he’s been winning. No. He’s been in the spotlight for ...
September 14, 2017