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Sometimes You Should Meet Your Heroes


The old saying is to never meet you idols, or heroes. Somehow you always end up getting disappointed or let down. Well, I for one can honestly say that it’s just not true.

Like I’ve previously mentioned, I attended my first film festival since owning my own blog (Manaki brothers film festival) and I got to meet two stars on the opposite sides of the camera. The Italian actress Claudia Cardinale and probably the best cinematographer currently working today… The One and only Roger Deakins.

Mr. Deakins was recipient of an life achievement award at the Film festival, and although I wasn’t able to attend his Master Class teaching or to conduct an interview with him I actually got to know him. Yeah, for about 10 minutes or so, during a very boring cocktail before the grand opening of the festival I actually managed to find the courage and introduce myself, my blog and my film background to Mr. Deakins and I was pleasantly surprised of the man that was in front of me.

I expected to find a snobbish, arrogant and smug Oscar winner that happens to be master of his craft, but I was struck by how charming, humble, down to Earth and polite this man was. Remember I am basically a nobody. Just some blogger that happens to be a fan of his work.

He meets thousands of me every day. But he took his time to look past my nervousness, my giddy excitement and my awe of meeting a man of his talents. He was kind, gracious and polite in answering my questions, and he even introduced me to his lovely wife.

In all of my stuttering and rambling about his movies and work in general I mentioned that I just adore his night-time shot by the train of Assassination of Jesse James and it’s probably his greatest shot ever taken in cinema. I remember telling him that A Hudsucker Proxy, House of Sand and Fog, and Sicario are some of my favorite movie’s he’s done, that I’d love to be able to have a long lunch with him and pick his brain about so many other movies.

When I’ve asked him which of the directors he’s worked with so far is his favorite he was very diplomatic and aid that it’s not easy picking out a favorite. He’s learned so much from The Cohen brothers as much as he’s learned from Tim Robbins in a Dead Man Walking. His wife is apparently the reason for his success (according to him) and although he confirmed that he’s working on his latest film (called Goldfinch) he couldn’t say reveal about the movie… since you know… it’s a top secret.

In conclusion… you should meet your heroes. The men and women you admire. Yeah sometimes they let you down… But in very rare occasions they make your job and your life so much better. Even for just 10 minutes.


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