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My First Film Festival Is…. Interesting


All right now. I’ll get straight to the point. I’m currently attending my first Film festival since the inception of my film blog Filmsane. I’m in Bitola, a tiny town in southern Europe and i can proudly say that Manaki Brothers festival is my first film festival since owning my own blog. I’ve attended many others before, but always as an assigned reporter, journalist or film critic and always working for some media outlet.

This time it’s for me and me only. It’s my first day and i’m yet to attend the grand opening tonight. However this wonderful opportunity is somehow overshadowed by the sad fact that i won’t be able to meet (or interview) the man i respect and admire so much. Roger Deakins. The ROGER DEAKINS!!!!

Yes, the Academy Award winner, the immensely talented and brilliant cinematographer is a special guest at the festival and i won’t be able to talk to him, to pick his brain about his work, about the collaborations with The Cohen brothers Denis Villeneuve and so many of his movies that i adore.

To rub salt on the fresh wound, he’s teaching a master class for young students and film enthusiasts on Monday, and i won’t be able to attend it. I have to be at work and i’m gonna miss the whole thing. It suuucks. It sucks sooo much!

But, on the brighter news today, i got to meet Claudia Cardinale and she was lovely. I’ll keep you posted as to how the opening and the rest of the night is going, and i’ll also post some of the photos tomorrow. Red carpet and all i hope.


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