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One Man’s Trash Is Truly Another Man’s Treasure


Or in this case…. Another film studio.

You’ve probably heard the news. The ex Marvel darling James Gunn is set to write and direct the Suicide Squad sequel.
The info about the appointment of James Gunn to helm Suicide Squad 2 came with very little info (according to Deadline) and more information is set to be released in upcoming days, but yeah…

Gunn is set to replace Gavin O’Connor as both writer and director of Suicide 2, and his appointment comes just months after he was fired from directing Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 due to his re-emergence of his old sexually provocative Tweets and photos.

But is it a good move? For DC Cinematic universe yes, for James not so much.

Look, I get that beggars can’t be choosers, and surprisingly it’s a step up in his career that just weeks ago everyone thought it was over. But is it a right choice in his career? No.

Marvel and DC have very different styles and inner workings and of course they make different movies. Gunn may find himself unpleasantly surprised  by a studio that doesn’t put so much emphasis on story development and humor. You know the things that were crucial in Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 1 and 2, and can be found in almost every Marvel film. And for a director that built his reputation of crafting well liked characters and was given a reasonable creative freedom to do so… it’s going to be tough for him in DC.

DC tried to be humorous to a certain extend and it didn’t always worked in the previous films. There is still hope for Shazam! to deliver the goods but that movie is set to be released in 2019, so we’ll see.

But you’re probably thinking…. Suicide Squad 2 is a different kind of a movie. Granted it’s packed with corky, misfits (albeit anti-heroes) just like the Guardians and yes, the similarities in the characters are evident. However it’s being followed by a bad rep that James Gun needs to amend. Suicide Squad was arguably one of the worst movies in DC’s cinematic history, (that happens to have an Oscar for best makeup) and the hopes that the sequel will be significantly better a high.

I do mean high. From everyone, not just the audience. Seriously. The fans expect a lot more and since Gunn is also the screenwriter of the sequel, he’ll be held accountable for the eventual flop too.

But hey… Like I’ve said… Beggars can’t be choosers. And certainly he’s in no position to chose. I was quite frankly surprised that not only DC hired him after that Twitter fiasco, that anyone hired him period. I expected James Gunn’s career to be dead and buried, but hey… It’s Hollywood..

And Hollywood loves a comeback right?


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