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Hey Warner Bros! Get More Serious!


Why so serious? More like, get more serious.

Yeah, you’ve probably heard the news. The production of the Joker movie is underway and things are not looking all that great on the set. TMZ reported on the mistreatment of the extras working on the movie, and how the poor working conditions led to an investigation by the Screen Actors Guild.

According to TMZ, the extras were locked in the Brooklyn subway car for more than 3 hours, and were denied a break after the required 2 hours on set. After banning on the doors of the subway car, they were reportedly resorted to urinating on the tracks in-between the subway cars.

It these reports are correct, and the people (not extras, they’re people first and then they’re extras) were treated this inhumanly, all I have to say is grow a pair Warner Bros.
Come on, it’s not that difficult. I know that some of them will barely be seen in front of the camera, and they’re doing it for dimes, Subway sandwiches and love of the movies but this is too much.

And as much as it hard to believe, they’re not in Gotham, although are treated as they were. They’re human’s too, and although they’re not Academy ward nominees (like the main star Joaquin Phoenix), at the very least they deserve a humane treatment. Yes, Joaquin will get the big trailer and PA following him at every time, but those people deserve a decent bathroom break.

Yes… I’m well aware that the official statements from the studio will try to diminish the people’s struggles and they might try and downplay or even deny all of this, but all I cans say to that is… Get more serious Warner bros… Grow a pair! Just think… this is not the kind of publicity you want to be associated with, even if it’s a Joker movie. So yeah… Work on your people skills, and do better. I repeat.. Get more serious.

The Joker is set to hit US theaters on October 4, 2019.


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