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Is Diane Keaton an older version of Lena Dunham?


Let me explain. Yes I’m very well aware of the title I just wrote. And i know what you’re thinking. Look… I’m not comparing the talent and legacies of the two talented actresses and writers (yes they both have written a book or two) in any way… and it’s not my intention to be honest.

While the Academy Award winner is probably at the twilight of her career, the younger actress is just at the beginning. But there is no denying that they both share similarities, in fact more than we the audience, like to admit. They are both have very distinctive sense of humor, they both have extremely quirky sense of style and express very similar views. Especially when it comes to the defense of their friends from allegations of sexual molestation.

Yup… You’ve guessed it. Lena defended her friend, (the producer of Girls- Murray Miller) when he was accused of rape, and Diane has been a staunch defender of her longtime friend and collaborator Woody Allen. She even took her defense on Twitter (where else right) and on the social media posted an old 90’s interview of Woody himself.

Woody Allen is my friend and I continue to believe him. It might be of interest to take a look at the 60 Minute interview from 1992 and see what you think…

She wrote accompanying the video and with that she took the side of Woody in the battle of words between him and Dylan Farrow that has been going on for almost 3 decades.

But is she an older version of Lena? Well it’s hard to tell actually. Considering the age difference between the two actresses, but like I’ve said the similarities are right there and cannot be ignored. Not just in their growing need to annoy and alienate people, and terrible clothing choices. But I’d like to give them the benefit of a doubt and go head and say that they are not defending creeps, perverts and rapists. Far from it.

I think they are in a state of denial right now and they are having a hard time accepting that their friend could be sexual predator. Sure Diane and Woody have been friends for more than 40 years (Lena and Murray for less) but while I understand why Diane does that I cannot for the life of me why Lena does it. Diane has been vocal in her defense of Woody for decades now, and I think she truly believes in his innocence. It’s just unfortunate that she has to do that all over again, and in the peak of TimesUp and MeToo movements.

I’m not defending Diane Keaton in any way, but I think she has a much deeper and meaningful friendship with Woody, since they were once lovers and truly believes in him, but I also think Lena is just a plain hypocrite.

It’s such a hard grasping of the concept for Diane and Lena that someone that they admire and respect could be a sexual predator, but I suppose that is the case with almost everyone of us. So… Diane is turning out to be an older version of Lena Dunham, or (wait for it…) Lena is just a younger version of Diane?


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