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I’m a little more worried about Lara than her boobs


Let me explain. And be honest upfront. This is an observation/rant based on my experience as a film fan of Lara Croft, not as a video game fan/player. I’ve never played the Tomb Raider game and I don’t have an understanding of that part of the character. You can say my viewing of Lara is half baked (and it’s true) so I apologize at the very beginning of this post. But as a film fan who adamantly is defending the Angelina Jolie movies, and as a film fan who has seen the latest reboot, I have to say that the bust size of Lara is my least concern.

Yes, some fuckboys were concerned about the fact the she doesn’t have the big boobs anymore and were quite vocal about that (on line of course). Well, yeah… This film version of Lara is not having a DD cup like the previous one, but it think her personality is more problematic than her chest. Look, I know that this is a reboot with an origin story, and it’s drastically different than the Angelina movies. I know that. I’m also told (by fans of the game) that the smaller chest size is actually true to the new game design and the new character design. So… Based on that… Alicia Vikander is honestly a good choice for Lara.

But like I said… Her bra size is not the biggest problem in the rebooted movie. I’m having more trouble grasping what’s become of Lara- personality wise… Again… I’m aware that the movie shows the much younger and inexperienced Lara, prior the bad ass adventure loving, adrenaline chasing archaeologist Lara that we all know and love. But there is not a single hint of that Lara in the rebooted movie.

Warning ! Spoilers ahead. I was bothered by a couple of scenes in the rebooted movie that I think portrayed Lara in a slightly negatively way. Right at the beginning of the movie she’s fighting a fellow woman in a boxing rink, and she gives up. Well she forfeits the game in order to avoid being chocked by her opponent, but yeah… she gives up! I mean the old Lara was fighting a custom made robot and she still managed to find a way to win in a less embarrassing way.

Secondly… When she gets to Hong Kong to look for Lu Ren (Daniel Wu) she’s mugged and threatened with a knife by 3 of street thieves. And what does she do? She runs… YES…. She runs for cover. And i remember thinking to my self… WTF?

Yes… She will use bow and arrow near the end of the movie and purchase those famous guns in the post credit scenes, but I had a hart time grasping the concept of her running away from her attackers, and asking for shelter. The old Lara would have pulverized them down to a pulp am i right?.

So… In the very end of this rant if you will… is the hoping that something will be done about her character in the sequel. And I know there will be a sequel, cause the movie announced it. So… boys and girls in charge of the movie. Please focus on making Lara fearless bad ass who doesn’t take shit for anyone, let alone from some idiots on the street. Thanks.


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