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I went to my first pop up shop


I first became acquainted with the concept of a pop up shop while I was watching an episode of 2 Broke Girls (it was twelfth episode of the first season and the episode was called And the Pop-Up Sale). Max and Caroline staged an impromptu pop up shop (there they called it a pop up sale) in the bathroom of a Barney’s department store, and it would take me years since the airing of the episode, to attend one in my home town.

Now being from Skopje (the capital of a teeny tiny South-Eastern European country that probably nobody has even heard of) is one of the main reasons why this is my first such event. But there is no need to dwell on that. Let’s focus on the more positive aspects of my pop up shop (as it was named by the event organizer Reborn).

The hosts from Reborn welcomed us (the guests) at BackYard Lounge Bar with probably the most delicious chocolate brownies I’ve ever tasted in my life. Me and my boyfriend gobbled them down in just seconds, and so did our friends who joined us later. Damn they were sooo good, and guys I’m gonna need the recipe ASAP.

And about the stuff that that was exposed at the pop up shop… well it was literally all that you can think of. Clothes, jewelry, leather accessories, ceramic mugs, calendars, greeting cards, postcards, paintings, furniture all hand painted, created and designed by more than 25 artists, designers and fantastic creative people in general.

So…  in interest of saving precious time, and instead of me writing and writing about it… how about you see it for yourself… Trough the photos that me and my boy took from the pop up shop.


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