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Silent Fart Face or Smell-the-fart acting?


Hey now… We all love Live Schreiber right? He’s one of the most hardworking and talented actors of his generation, and he’s also nominated for an Emmy award (again) for the performance in the hit series Ray Donovan.

So, Liev stopped by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert where among other things discussed his method of acting, and the training he got while he was an acting student (at Yale no less).

One of the most fantastic internal acting methods that he uses in his job is The ‘Silent Fart’ Face and he went to explain that the point of being an actor is the willingness to make a complete ass of yourself. That includes The ‘Silent Fart’ Face, and that actually reminded me of the very similar method that Joey Tribbiani (Matt l LeBlanc) used in the early seasons of Friends.

The explanation of the acting method (by method man Joey Tribbiani) is actually from 11th episode from season 2, called „The one with the lesbian wedding“ and and in it Joey calls the method „Smell-the-fart acting“.

In the end…I’m in a bit of a conundrum. I love both explanations of the basically same acting method, but i’m a little skeptical about it, and if any other actor is reading this can you explain this. Is it a real thing? Or some acting myth that I keep hearing over and over again?




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