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I went to my first outdoor cinema… and it was pretty great


Here’s the thing. Going to the movies is my favorite leisure activity. As a film journalist, film critic and die hard film buff going to the movies was and still is my favorite pastime activity.

But if i really think about it… It has evolved into more than that. It has become my lifestyle. It’s the place in which Ive made friendships and at Akira Kurosawa film marathon this spring I actually met the love of my life (for real). Going to the movies has become a source of pride, joy and fulfillment, and since I have this blog, it’s my bread and butter.

But most importantly I love all forms of movie watching, regardless of the venue and location. At home, going to a regular cinema, and since yesterday night at an outdoor cinema. Ive never done that before, so when the opportunity arise, I had to grab it.

Organized by the City Park in Skopje and Sava insurance company, Sava summer outdoor cinema is just what Ive been missing. I, my boyfriend and his friend went at the park a little reluctantly to be honest. There has been a weather change (for the worst) just a few hours prior, and it was, cold, rainy, muddy and gloomy in Skopje since the early morning.

That was probably the most deciding factor for the low attendance at the first outdoor cinema, but I have high hopes that until 5th of August, the attendance will be growing (mostly because the weather will be improving and word of mouth impressions will help with publicity).

The hosts welcomed us with a beanbags, an assortment of white, red and rose wine and delicious bags of popcorns (because no film is complete without popcorns).

The movie that opened the summer outdoor cinema in Skopje was Still Alice. A bit weird choice, considering the themes, the depressing nature but it was great never the less, and Julianne Moore’s performance was outstanding of course. She really earned that Oscar. Now, I have seen the movie prior going to the outdoor cinema, but my boyfriend hasn’t and surprisingly really liked it.

All and all it was a great first experience to be honest. I really liked the fact that it under a clear sly, and the fact that it wasn’t crowded, but this type of an event requires a better selection of movies and a way better weather.

But in order to capture some of the ambiance, here are some of the photos that me and my boy took of my first outdoor cinema.



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