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Melissa McCarthy really needs to do more drama


I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again. Comedic actors are the best drama actors!

Let me explain. First let me start by saying that comedy acting, and especially good comedy acting is extremely tough. That’s why I’m always impressed whenever I see an actor or an actress that gets an Oscar nomination (or even Oscar win) for a comedy film. Comedic performances are incredibly hard, and not that many can do them that good. Robin Williams was brilliant, and so is Kevin Cline. But the thing is, they could comedy and drama equally well, and it’s even more rare.

Melissa McCarthy is to me a female equivalent of a Robin Williams, and I’m convinced that she needs to do more drama movies. She doesn’t have that many dramas in her CV, but I think that is all going to change with Can You Ever Forgive Me?

I saw the trailer for Can You Ever Forgive Me? this weekend, and I can fairly say that there is another Oscar nomination coming her way in January 2019. Seriously. I think she’s so underrated and underestimated as a performer, but I also think that is all going to change after this movie. I also wonder why that is. Because she’s plus size? Or because she doesn’t fit the standard requirements for a Hollywood diva? Or because she had her film breakthrough in her early 40’s?

I know that she’s been a beloved presence on TV since 2000’s and Gilmore Girls, but her film career has been stagnant until 2012’s Bridesmaids. And I know that’s a full on comedy movie with incredibly embarrassing and hilarious scenes, but one dramatic scene convinced me that Melissa can do drama as well as comedy.

It’s the Pity Party scene in Bridesmaids. Kristen Wiig’s Annie is feeling sorry for herself after the whole bachelorette fiasco, and her friendship with Lillian (Maya Rudolph) is hanging by a thread. Incoming Melissa’s larger than life character Meghan and her infinite wisdom.

She said one of the most poignant, intelligent and heartfelt things to Annie that even me go AHA… and then she kicked the hell out of her. But the point is… many things can be learned from that particular scene. How you shouldn’t blame the world for your problems, to always pick up yourself after life kicks you down, always work hard and don’t forget… always always to cherish your friendships.Melisa had this scene in the palm of her hand, and I think that was the moment that I knew she would be great in drama roles. She just needed to be given a chance. But guess what? I think that chance is here with Can You Ever Forgive Me? She plays the noted author, forger and thief Leonore Carol “Lee” Israel in the upcoming movie and combined with her talent and Hollywoods penchant for biopics, I think this could be an award potential.

Time will tell, but this movie also tells us that Melissa should do more drama.


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