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From one legend to another: tribute to Debbie Reynolds


This day in 2016 was exceptionally hard for me. Not just the world (and her fans) lost Carrie Fisher earlier, on December 28th the world lost Debbie Reynolds.

The legendary actress, dancer, film historian, humanitarian an overall bad ass woman died one day after the untimely and shocking death of her only daughter Carrie Fisher. The official cause of death was listed as intracerebral hemorrhage caused by stroke, but I don’t want to talk about her death.

I want to talk about what she meant to her fans, to her friends and most importantly family. That’s where Carrie comes in. I know that a lot of stuff has been said since her death, but I want to remind you of some of the things her daughter said when she was alive and thriving.

Yes the two had some bad blood in the past (aggravated by Carrie’s drug use) but later on they became inseparable and even lived in the houses opposite of each other. Yes Carrie and Debbie were neighbors.

But I’ve recently stumbled on a fantastic tribute video produced by TCM and narrated by Carrie herself. It’s a wonderful tribute, a wonderful celebration of the life and career of her mother, and I think it’s worth sharing it again. Just to remind us how much the two ladies loved and respected each other.

Check it out.



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