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Why Does Every Reboot Have To Be Dark And Gritty?


You’ve probably heard the news. There’s an announced reboot of the cult 90’s sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Indeed. The first teaser dropped this week on YouTube and it’s well… Different than the TV show we all love and remember.

Furthermore, the TV show is a drama, with a dark and gritty (dare I say realistic undertones), and it could not be any different than the original fun and hilarious concept. The reboot will clearly tackle political and racial issues but in a much obvious and to the point way. I guess it will coincide with the current climate of racial tensions, inequality and BLM movement.

Except… The original TV show already did that!. Seriously. That was probably one of the most progressive, forward-thinking and racially through-provoking TV shows since Sanford And Son or Benson in the ’70s. Furthermore, it was created by an African-American who used his real-life as an inspiration in creating the Will Smith’s character. Will Smith. From the rough streets of Philadelphia, he’s brought to the upper-class neighborhood of Bel-Air. And let me tell you. I loved this show. I loooooved the Banks family.

And the original show had critically crucial moments that reflected the race tensions as well. It was realistic too but blended things nicely with a dose of humor. Racial profiling, Will was shot, Carlton OD on drugs. It wasn’t all roses and daisies.

And it terms of social impact, It was also very progressive. It showed America and the world, that black people live in Bel Air. It showed that they’re also outstanding, successful citizens and not hustlers and criminals. It showed that black people can be rich, successful and respectful people! I mean the Banks family had a live-in butler for fuck’s sake.

But I suppose the question here is why does every god damn reboot (especially in movies, but on TV as well) has to be dark? And gritty? And well… Awful? Charmed is a nice example of that. So is Sabrina- the teenage witch, and now Fresh Prince From Bel Air? What’s next Night Rider? The original 1990 sitcom relied on several things, and it was that perfect mix that made it work. What mix? What things you might ask? Well, there’s Will Smith’s talent for comedy and of course his incredible charisma.

Do you remember anyone in that cast -besides him having a huge Hollywood career like his? Hell no!. Alfonso Ribeiro was good, but Will carried the show on his back. Can’t forget that the show had outstanding writing and incredible musical influence in the background. If you take a look at the musical guests that showed during the 6 seasons you’ll be astounded. Music was a central figure in the show (not just to make Carlton dance) and so was humor. Good humor. Not just some mediocre one-liner jokes. No, the humor was smart, witty and sharp. From every character.

What I’m saying is lay off the dark and gritty crap. God forbid a TV show or a movie is actually joyful and fun. And funny! Not everything has to be serious, dark and gritty to be taken seriously. I get it. America is on a crossroads, and it’s looking at it’s past, it’s present and it’s looking at its future. But lighten up dudes. There is already plenty of dark and gritty stuff going on right now. Have you turned on the news lately?


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