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How About Armie Hammer For The Next Superman?

It’s not as crazy as it sounds. Really. He’s perfect for the role if you think about it. Armie Hammer for the role of Clark Kent/Superman? Yeah, sure… Why not? Days after parting ways with ...
September 15, 2018
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Admit It… Henry Cavill Was Decent Superman (The Movies Sucked)

You’ve probably heard the news. The British actor Henry Cavill may be leaving his role as Superman in Warner Bros.’ DC Comics Universe over contract disputes. The news of Cavill’s departure from the iconic role ...
September 12, 2018
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Fun (yet useless) facts about Justice League

All right now… Let’s get serious. Zack Snyder’s latest work from the DC Cinematic Universe called Justice League it’s headed to theaters. The team of super-heroes lead by Bruce Wayne/Batman (played by Ben Affleck) will ...
November 13, 2017